ManualCallPoint (Red) Jeweller

ManualCallPoint (Red) Jeweller

Wireless wall-mounted button for manual fire alarm activation

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Basic fire safety. Reengineered.

ManualCallPoint (Red) Jeweller is a fast and straightforward way for anyone to activate the fire alarm. Pressing the button triggers the built-in sirens of all fire detectors in the system and informs the users. Meanwhile, the central monitoring station (CMS) receives the alarm and calls emergency services. All the data is instantly available in Ajax apps: which device was triggered, when, and where. In a life-endangering situation, Ajax innovative features follow an alarm in seconds: automation scenarios de-energize the facility, turn the emergency lights, and unlock the exits.

Discover ManualCallPoint (Red) Jeweller

Wireless wall-mounted button for manual fire alarm activation

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Key features

Fire detectors' sirens activation

when pressing the button

Resilient button mechanism

Resilient button mechanism

with minimum agile components to reduce the risk of failure

Alarm delivery to CMS

Up to 7 years

of battery life

Remote control

Remote control and configuration

Automation scenarios

Emergency lights activation

Electric locks unlocking

De-energizing the facility

Informative in-app notifications

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House: fire alarm activated through the manual call point Floor 1 in Hall

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House: manual call point Floor 1 in Hall restored after fire alarm

Jeweller radio communication

Jeweller radio communication

Up to 1,700 m

range of communication with an Ajax hub

Alarm remains active until the button is manually released using the key

Key for ManualCallPoint

SmartBracket mounting panel

featuring tamper alarm



Transparent front lid to prevent accidental alarm activation

Closing the lid

Securing the device on SmartBracket with the lock

Devices compatibility

Explore an alternative version of ManualCallPoint

De-energize the facility, open electric locks on emergency exits, or activate ventilation with single press — resettable buttons designed for lightning-fast activation of programmable scenarios. Available in four colors: blue, green, yellow, and white.

Explore alternative versions of ManualCallPoint

Complementary to any interior

Private house

Private house

Apartment building

Apartment building

Always ready to warn of danger

The button's primary function is to alert people to danger, and it must not fail when necessary. To ensure this, Ajax has developed a simplified button mechanism to reduce the risk of failure, an advanced device supervision system, and methods of informing both individuals on the premises and those responsible for them.

Consistently informed, everywhere

ManualCallPoint (Red) Jeweller activates the built-in sirens of all fire detectors in the system via the interconnected fire alarms feature. At the same time, an alarm is sent to users and the central monitoring station (CMS). Also, the indoor and outdoor intrusion sirens can be activated to get the attention of as many people as possible.

Fire sirens activation

Integration with CMS

Critical alerts in apps

Intrusion sirens activation

Consistently informed, everywhere

Simplified yet flawless hardware

ManualCallPoint has a thoughtful and reliable button-press mechanism. A minor failure can be crucial in a critical situation. The mechanism is simplified to several solid parts. Thus, the button cannot get stuck or fail to activate physically, and the possibility of failure in moments of emergency is reduced.

The button is designed for more than 500 presses throughout its lifecycle. If the button has triggered once, it will reliably continue to do so. Ajax rigorously tests 100% of the production during manufacturing. If the button passes testing upon installation, it will definitely raise an alarm when needed.

  • Mechanism with reduced failure risk
  • Designed for 500+ presses
  • Automatic self-diagnosis of each device
ManualCallPoint (Red) Jeweller

Advanced system supervision

ManualCallPoint is a part of the Ajax ecosystem, transforming the button into a genuine IoT device. Each element of the ecosystem is constantly supervised. The button exchanges data with a hub via Jeweller radio protocol. The hub has two-way communication with Ajax Cloud which provides real-time information to Ajax apps.

The device does not require periodic testing by triggering to ensure it operates properly — the Ajax system supervises its state every minute. If a button has an issue, you will receive a notification specifying the problematic button on the premises.

IoT device

Hub polling at a minimum 12 s interval

Instant maintenance notifications

Advanced system supervision

Stable performance for years

The button combines seamless wireless connectivity, data-rich notifications, and supervision capabilities with outstanding longevity. The device operates for up to 7 years on the included batteries. When the time comes, the Ajax system will notify you in advance about the need for battery replacement.

Up to 7 years of battery life

Early alert for battery replacement

Unleash the Ajax power

The Ajax smart and complex ecosystem brings new standards to the fire safety industry. Intuitive Ajax apps provide remote setup and all device information in real-time from anywhere the Internet is available, on a smartphone or PC. With instant notifications, there is no chance of missing a fire alert, and scenarios let you automate fire security to enhance home protection while you’re away. A complete set with stable wireless communication — essential reliability tested over the years by more than two million users.

Precise facility observation

The system instantly notifies about alarms with critical alerts from the Ajax apps. Security companies and users know exactly which device triggered, when, and where it happened. The system controls each device state and reports it's time to replace the batteries.

Data-rich notifications

The event log records 500 recent events within the system. The data is explicit with the device, time, and event description. It helps reconstruct the actual event and find the causes to obtain comprehensive information for firefighters or an insurance company.

Detailed event log

Monitoring with PRO Desktop

With PRO Desktop, building administration staff can monitor not only security but Ajax fire detectors for instant reaction to alarms. Device statuses, event log, batteries data — the CMS operator has a complete picture in one intuitive interface, all informative and centralized. The installation engineer can remotely change the settings and provide services in time.

PRO Desktop

Advanced automation for greater safety

ManualCallPoint buttons are a part of the Ajax ecosystem and can interact through scenarios with automation devices, PhOD detectors of the MotionCam series, and video surveillance devices. In the case of a fire alarm, the WallSwitch relay de-energizes the house, and Relay activates emergency lights. At the same time, MotionCam (PhOD) sends pictures into Ajax apps to identify the cause of the alarm. The result is a reliable combination of security and automation that works as a Swiss watch.

To find out the situation at the protected facility and quickly respond to it

Fire detected


MotionCam (PhOD) / Camera

Cause of Fire

Visual evidence of fire

To power off the possible cause of the fire and protect appliances from the consequences of firefighting

Fire detected



Emergency lights on

Fire detected



Mains power-off

Power supply control

To speed up people’s evacuation and ease firefighters' access to the building

Fire detected



Emergency exits unlocked

Electric locks unlocking
Unique wireless technology


Unique wireless technology

ManualCallPoint uses Jeweller proprietary radio protocol for reliable communication. Jeweller uses polling to display the real-time device status and transmits alarms, events, and all measured readings into the Ajax apps. Features encryption and authentication to prevent spoofing.

Up to 1,700 m of radio communication with a hub

Encrypted two-way radio communication

Notifications about jamming and connection loss

Scaled and comprehensive

ReX 2 assures stable communication even through steel and concrete via Ethernet using the wire as the additional communication channel. Up to 5 range extenders can operate within one Ajax system to expand the network twice as big, covering apartment buildings, condominiums, schools, or kindergartens.

Up to 5 range extenders within one system

Ethernet as an alternative communication channel

Effortless installation and maintenance

ManualCallPoint is ready to operate straight out of the box. There is no need to disassemble the button during installation. The Ajax apps help quickly make the device a part of the system. And it can always be reconfigured remotely without site visits.

The button does not require regular manual testing. A self-test system automatically reports the device’s state to the hub. A key for after-press reset is included in the complete set.

Pairing with the system via QR code


No need to disassemble the enclosure with the SmartBracket panel


Configuring and testing in the mobile or desktop apps


The button does not require regular cleaning. It can be reset with the provided key if pressed


Ajax product lines

Superior, Fibra, and Baseline product lines are mutually compatible. This opens up numerous possibilities for building systems of any configuration.