MultiTransmitter Fibra

Module for integrating third-party wired detectors into an Ajax system
Making security smart
Turn an outdated burglar alarm into an intelligent security system. The integration module supports a wide range of sensors. Perimeter IR detectors, household gas sensors, thermostats, float sensors, keypads, and other third-party devices can be connected to MultiTransmitter Fibra to deliver comprehensive security. With MultiTransmitter Fibra, system users get security control via app, data-rich notifications, and automation scenarios.
3 independent 12 V⎓ power lines
for fire and intrusion detectors
Instant detection of wired connection loss (EOL)
18 zones for connecting detectors
Fibra line connection
up to 2,000 m
Two colours
Numerous event types of wired devices
Data-rich notifications
Guest house
MultiTransmitter Fibra in Hallway is offline. Connection via Fibra channel lost.
Guest house
Lid closed, MultiTransmitter Fibra in Hallway
Guest house
Lid is open, MultiTransmitter Fibra in Hallway
Place for 12 V⎓ backup battery
4 or 7 Ah
Remote control and setup
Energy consumption from Fibra line
up to 100 µA
Hassle-free installation
Smart Bracket
Wired devices connection
This is the device of the Fibra wired product line. To purchase, install and administer such devices, you need to be an accredited partner, undergo training and gain access.

Integration module for Ajax MultiTransmitter Fibra security system

MultiTransmitter Fibra is a module for integrating third-party wired devices into the Ajax security system. The device has 18 zones for connecting third-party sensors. MultiTransmitter Fibra supports NC, NO, EOL, 2EOL and 3EOL devices. The MultiTransmitter Fibra integration module works with the Hub Hybrid control panel. Connection to other control panels, radio signal repeaters, signal receivers is not provided. The device works as part of the Ajax security system. Information is exchanged with the control panel using the secure Fibra protocol. The range of wired communication between the integration module and the control panel is up to 2 kilometers when connected with a U/UTP cat.5 twisted-pair cable. The module for integrating wired devices MultiTransmitter Fibra is protected from dismantling by two tampers. When you try to remove the device from the mount, the module will send an alarm to the system central (hub). The device is powered by 110–240 V~. Can be powered by a 12V backup battery⎓. Can provide 10.5-15V⎓ power for connected sensors.

The principle of operation of the module for integrating third-party wired devices for signaling MultiTransmitter Fibra

MultiTransmitter Fibra is designed to integrate third-party wired sensors and security devices into the Ajax security system. Data from devices connected to the system (faults, alarms and events) is received by the integration module via a wired connection. After the message has been delivered, the integration module transmits it to the Hub Hybrid control panel using the Fibra wired data transfer protocol. The control panel, in turn, informs users of the security system and the security company about the incident. Use the module for integrating third-party wired devices to the Ajax security system to connect indoor and outdoor motion sensors, panic and medical buttons, as well as vibration, opening, glass breaking, fire detection sensors, etc. The MultiTransmitter Fibra 3rd Party Alarm Integration Module has 18 wired zones. Multiple devices can be connected to one zone. The number of connected devices depends on the power consumption of each of them. The maximum consumption of all connected sensors or other devices to all zones is 1 A.

Fibra data transfer protocol

The MultiTransmitter Fibra integration module uses Fibra technology to communicate with the security control panel. This is a wired data transfer protocol that provides fast and reliable two-way communication between the control panel and connected devices. Using the bus connection method, the Fibra protocol delivers event and alarm messages instantly, even if 100 devices are connected to the security system. The Fibra protocol secures devices with floating-key block encryption and verifies all communications to prevent device tampering and tampering. The protocol provides for constant polling of sensors and other devices of the security system by the control panel at a specified frequency. This way, you can control the level of communication and see the status of the system devices in the Ajax application in real time.

Installing the MultiTransmitter Fibra Integration Module

The Fibra MultiTransmitter is a device in the Fibra line of wired devices. Only accredited Ajax partners can install, sell and maintain these devices. In order for the security system and the integration module to work correctly, it is important to plan the placement of security devices, take into account all the vulnerabilities of the building and installation recommendations from equipment manufacturers. Experienced installation engineers of the security company will help with this. Violation of the installation rules and recommendations for installing an alarm system can lead to incorrect operation of the integration module, false alarms of connected wired devices and sensors, as well as loss of communication with the installed MultiTransmitter Fibra. The maximum number of devices that can be connected to the Hub Hybrid is 100 units at default settings, considering wired sensors or devices connected to the MultiTransmitter Fibra.

Where to Install the MultiTransmitter Fibra Wired Device Integration Module

Before choosing a place for mounting a module for integrating wired devices into the Ajax security system, you need to take into account the parameters that affect the correct operation of the device, these are: cable length for connecting MultiTransmitter Fibra, cable length for connecting wired sensors and devices to MultiTransmitter Fibra and the Fibra signal level. Also, it is important to hide the integration module from prying eyes in order to prevent sabotage of the device itself and the sensors connected to it. Please note that the MultiTransmitter Fibra is intended for installation inside buildings.

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