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Jeweller communication technology

Proprietary wireless communication technology to transmit commands, alarms, and events.
Key features:
  • Two-way communication.
  • Advanced anti-sabotage.
  • Block encryption featuring a dynamic key.
  • Instant notifications.
  • Remote control and configuration in Ajax apps.

Frequency bands

866.0–866.5 MHz
868.0–868.6 MHz
868.7–869.2 MHz
905.0–926.5 MHz*
915.85–926.5 MHz
921.0–922.0 MHz
Depends on the sales region.
* Certified according to UL/ULC standards.

Maximum effective radiated power (ERP)

up to 25 mW
Automatic power control to reduce power consumption and radio interference.

Radio signal modulation


Radio communication range

up to 6,500 ft
Between the device and a hub (or a range extender) in an open space.

Encrypted communication

All stored and transmitted data are protected by block encryption featuring a dynamic key.

Frequency hopping

To prevent radio interference and jamming.

Key features

Alarm type

acoustic and LED indication
Buzzer and LED.

Warning device type

type W
Internal and self-powered.

Alarm volume

from 80 to 100 dB at a distance of 3.3 ft
Adjusted by a PRO or a user with admin rights in the Ajax app.
93 dB at a distance of 3.3 ft
Default settings.

Alarm duration

from 3 s to 3 min
Alarm duration up to 15 minutes is available only for sirens with firmware version NA or higher.
Adjusted by a PRO or a user with admin rights in the Ajax app.

Siren sound frequency

3.4 ± 0.5 kHz

Ability to connect an additional LED

3 V⎓
An additional LED works in parallel with the built-in LED of the siren and fully replicates its indication.

Events indication

  • Alarms.
  • Delays when entering/leaving.
  • Security mode.
  • Security mode changing.
  • After-alarm indication.


The siren makes a special sound to notify that the opening detectors are triggered when the system is disarmed.


The siren is designed for indoor use only.
Recommended installation height is 8.2 ft or higher.

Sabotage protection

Tamper alarm

Notifications on attempts to detach the device from the surface or remove it from the mounting panel.

Protection against spoofing

device authentication

Communication loss detection

after 36 s
Detection time depends on the Jeweller or Jeweller/Fibra settings.

Power supply


2 × CR123A

Calculated battery life

up to 5 years

Siren’s operating voltage range

1.9−3.3 V⎓

Siren’s nominal operating voltage

3 V⎓

Quiescent siren’s current consumption at nominal voltage

68 µA

Peak siren’s current consumption at nominal voltage

1.1 A
When the siren sounds at the Very Loud volume level.

Average siren’s current consumption at nominal voltage

50 mA
When the siren sounds at the default volume level. Regardless of the arming mode.

Full battery capacity

3,200 mAh
Capacity of each battery is 1,600 mAh.

Low battery voltage

2.1 V⎓

End-of-life battery voltage

1.9 V⎓
Device is switched off.

End-of-life battery capacity

366 mAh


UL listed.



2.95″ × 2.99″ × 1.06″


3.42 oz

Operating temperature range

from 14°F to 104°F
Temperature range from 32 °F (0 °C) to 120 °F (+49 °C) is certified according to UL/ULC standards.

Operating humidity

up to 75%
Humidity of up to 93% is certified according to UL/ULC standards.

Protection class

Not evaluated by UL.



Complete set

HomeSiren Jeweller
SmartBracket mounting panel
2 × CR123A battery (pre-installed)
Connector for an LED indicator
Installation kit
Quick start guide

Additional information

Compliance with standards


24 months

User manual