How to turn on instant alarms on Android

The Ajax Security System app uses two types of notifications on Android: Firebase Cloud Messaging and our custom notification service that is independent of Google. Note that Google notifications (FCM) just won‘t work properly on some Android devices.

The Ajax notification service is reliable but requires additional battery resources. It doesn’t and shouldn’t take much though, so please report all severe battery-draining cases immediately. To enable the Ajax notification service, go to the app settings and activate the “Background connection” and “Keep-Alive Service” features.

Unfortunately, Android has the features that can block the delivery of alerts. Consider the most common reasons:

  • “Energy Saving” mode is enabled;
  • the user is not authorized in the Google Account;
  • Google Play Services application is out-of-date;
  • disabled notifications for the application in the phone settings;
  • disabled the work in background mode for the app.

Some manufacturers have added to the settings features that mercilessly block any attempt to send valuable information to the user.

Xiaomi. Security → Permissions → Autostart. Enable the feature for the Ajax application.

Huawei. Settings → Applications → Ajax → Battery → Enable the App auto-launch and Keep running after screen off features.

If you checked everything, but still don’t receive notifications, then:

  • clear the application cache via Settings → Programs → Ajax → Memory → Clear cache;
  • uninstall the Ajax Security System application;
  • re-install the application and log in.

Need any help? Contact our support team.

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