Ajax NVR: Fast video, enhanced privacy, and seamless integration

Ajax NVR: Fast video, enhanced privacy, and seamless integration

Here’s how Ajax is redefining the surveillance game. At Ajax Special Event, we presented NVR — a network video recorder that records video streams from both Ajax cameras and third-party cameras onto an HDD. Additionally, for third-party cameras, the Ajax NVR offers integration with a video management system (VMS), ensuring seamless synchronization with the entire Ajax ecosystem.

Today’s security market offers varied solutions. Some opt for AI cameras that detect motion instead of implementing a professional security system, but this approach proves unreliable. Others combine alarms and video, yet function as separate systems, complicating user experience. While a few integrate both, privacy concerns arise. Seeing these gaps, we just saw a chance to craft a professional, user-friendly solution.

Ajax NVR: The integrated solution

NVR, with its integrated power supply unit, has a consistent power source and utilizes passive ventilation for silent operation. Additionally, for security and optimal functionality, it is essential to ensure that the HDD is securely fixed in its position. In NVR, when the tamper is closed, all important connectors are hidden.

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With NVR, surveillance is synchronized with system events, providing users with real-time insights. Moreover, privacy settings allow the system owner to control the access to sensitive data in real time.

NVR comes equipped with a software motion detector that constantly analyzes the image. Users can adjust the detection zone within Ajax PRO Mobile or Ajax PRO Desktop and choose between the NVR’s motion detection and the camera’s default.

User experience: simple & convenient navigation

Ajax NVR ensures instant access to video archives, thanks to JetSparrow streaming technology.

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It is responsible for all the video transmission. Thanks to this streaming technology, navigating through the local HDD archive feels as smooth as browsing cloud storage.

The customizable Videowall feature in NVR allows real-time monitoring across all streams through Ajax apps, making it essential for comprehensive security needs. Additionally, users can effortlessly export video clips, receiving a 24-hour download link with just a few clicks.

Ajax NVR seamlessly pairs with any detector’s alarm, whether it’s from an opening, water leak, or motion detector from MotionCam series. Cameras auto-record and provide instant visual verification during alarms. Users can easily transition from alerts or events feed to related footage.

One of the top features for cameras installed in residential facilities is the ability to set them to activate only when the system is armed. This ensures security while providing residents with peace of mind, knowing that their privacy is preserved when the system is disarmed.

Additionally, NVR auto-detects cameras on the same network without extra settings. Ajax apps provide real-time updates on NVR status, ensuring you’re always informed about your system’s health. Also, with just a few clicks in the Ajax app, users can create a virtual entity called Space, allowing for seamless integration of cameras without requiring a physical hub.

Unwavering security and privacy

JetSparrow uses TLS encryption for video data, and an mTLS handshake between NVR and Ajax Cloud secures system events. The system’s privacy settings and detailed event logging ensure user data safety. Additionally, Ajax accounts employ passcode/biometric protection, two-factor authentication, and unique hard drive recording pattern, making data accessible only to the owner.

All data is securely stored within the European Union, adhering to strict European data protection standards. Ajax NVR meets NDAA compliance, with every product component sourced from trusted manufacturers sanctioned by the US government.

Hassle-free installation

Ajax NVR offers an easy installation with SmartBracket. Just scan a QR code in the Ajax app to add NVR. On-site issues can be addressed with secure wireless BLE connectivity via Ajax Cloud.

Two NVR versions are already available in all regions of Ajax presence:

NVR (8 channels)
Network video recorder for 8 channels

NVR (16 channels)
Network video recorder for 16 channels

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