Fundamental change in approach to the security of poultry rearing divisions at MHP

Fundamental change in approach to the security of poultry rearing divisions at MHP

MHP (Myronivsky Hliboproduct) Agricultural Holding is committed to providing high-quality Nasha Ryaba products — from grain to shelf. Ajax Systems ensures that every chicken is protected.

Myronivska Poultry Farm, a part of the MHP Group, has at its disposal hundreds of poultry rearing divisions. They are known as brigades. Such brigades are located in the open, away from residential areas – for example, in the fields rented by the company.

The joint pilot project of Ajax Systems and MHP has been implemented at the premises of Myronivska Poultry Farm. The area of a typical brigade is around 100,000 m². A total of 27 brigades located throughout the region are involved in the project. The distance between the brigades is over a kilometer.

The customer needed a comprehensive solution for the setup of the security system in the absence of Internet access, under restrictions of unstable connection and remoteness from residential areas. The key goal was to reduce the systematic poultry theft.

Ajax solution

To cover a typical brigade, Ajax team, with technical support from our Secur partner, has developed a system comprising the following devices:

  • Hub 2 (1 pce) — security system central unit (control panel). Manages all devices within the system and alerts the security company and the security service operators in case of any threats;
  • ReX (3 pcs) — radio signal range extender. Boosts the range of all security system devices;
  • MotionProtect Outdoor (16 pcs) — outdoor motion detectors with an advanced anti-masking system and pet-immunity;
  • StreetSiren (1 pce) — outdoor sirens. Notify of danger using loud sound and light indication;
  • Ajax PRO Desktop — PC app for monitoring alarms and notifications from the secured object;
  • Ajax Security System — mobile app for managing the security system.


The object has no Internet access or stable connection, so we installed Hub 2 with two SIM cards. If one of the SIM cards loses connection, the system will switch to the backup one.

Hub 2 and ReX are designed for indoor use. However, the specific features of the site required outdoor installation of the hub and range extenders. For this purpose, we used special sealed boxes. Their technical characteristics ensure the proper temperature and humidity conditions for the correct operation of the devices.

MotionProtect Outdoor has become the “eyes” of the site security system.

MotionProtect Outdoor motion detectors were installed in all technical rooms located at entrances to poultry houses. IP55 protection rating ensures protection of the detector against corrosive media by means of a disinfection barrier at the entrance. And with the anti-masking system, it is impossible to place an obstacle in front of the detector lens, have it painted over, or stick something over it unnoticed.

In addition, every Ajax detector is equipped with a tamper button. The tamper immediately alerts all system users and the central unit, if someone attempts to dismount the detector from SmartBracket.

This way, no attempt of sabotage will be unnoticed.

StreetSiren outdoor sirens were installed outside at the brigade premises. In case any motion detector is triggered on the site, StreetSiren will be activated raising a loud alarm.

MotionProtect Outdoor and StreetSiren communicate with the hub or ReX within the Ajax system via the Jeweller radio protocol. As soon as any device identifies a threat, the hub activates sirens in less than a second and notifies the central station. The rest is the quick response team’s job.


Ajax PRO Desktop app is used for monitoring of alerts received from the secured object. The app is installed on computers at the call center of the Myronivska Poultry Farm security service. The site is monitored 24/7.

In monitoring mode, an operator sees all alarms and events of each device at each site. In case of an alarm, the operator immediately receives all the necessary information, such as the detector name, location, and actuation time. In addition, service events, such as low battery charge, tamper triggering (attempts to dismantle the device), lost connection with the device, etc. are displayed. An advanced training for operators was conducted to ensure proper and timely handling of alerts.

Based on the event status, operators decide on the security protocol. For example, they decide whether to call a quick response team or send a technical support engineer.

It is essential that the quick response team, same as the operator, is able to view all events of device triggering on every site, irrespective of the site location and remoteness. This is made possible by using the Ajax PRO: Tool for Engineers app for tablets. The operator determines the need for a site visit and the type of the intruder neutralization protocol.

Pilot project implementation and installation of Ajax equipment allowed for an optimization of security solutions at 27 sites of the poultry farm. This way, the company was able to reduce theft at the brigades and save about UAH 1.4 mln in a matter of 5 months.

Ajax is changing attitude towards the protection of agricultural facilities, which typically require massive personnel resources and commonly have security gaps. This pilot project has become known in the market and provoked interest from other producers and farmers.