Button: Reinforcement is one click away

The Button (wireless panic button) operates at up to 1,300 meters from the hub and is indispensable in situations where your life is at risk. Moreover, the Button is a simple way to control a smart home. Set up the automation device response to Button pressing and switch the lights off, close your gates, or open roller shutters with a single click.

The Button is tiny and weightless, resistant to dust and splashes. It can be easily attached onto any surface, worn on the wrist or around the neck. Keep it always close by!

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Instant call for reinforcement

As soon as the hub receives a signal from Button, it instantly sends notifications to all users of the system and the security company. If necessary, It can also activate sirens.

A child left home alone can press a button to call for help if they hear a stranger banging on the door. If a cashier is at risk, they can easily reach Button installed inside the cash register and raise a silent alarm. And the ability to select the type of alarm (intrusion, fire, medical assistance, panic button, gas) increases the information content of notifications and determines the response of the security company and users to the event. And the security patrol will know precisely where the problem is thanks to the informative Ajax security system notifications.

Without false pressing

Button notifications are SOS signals in the security language. Security companies respond to them immediately. Understanding the cost of false alarms, we have developed a two-level system for protection against false pressing. A single button is recessed into the body of the device. You can carry Button in a pocket of your pants, in a handbag, or keep it by the bed. It will only send the signal when pressed with a finger. For additional protection, Button can be configured to react to a double pressing or a long hold.

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👉 Button User Manual

SpaceControl key fobs and KeyPad also enable users to raise the alarms. An additional “Under Duress” function of the keypad helps to call for reinforcement if you’re forced to disarm the system at the premises. Nevertheless, their main task is to manage the security system. If you need to install panic buttons on the premises or equip people with them, we recommend using Button.

Button is a simple and reliable way to raise an alarm instantly when the security system is disarmed: during business hours or when the family is at home.

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Remote control that is always within hand’s reach

Hubs on OS Malevich 2.8 or later allow using Button as a remote control for automation devices. In the Control mode, Button has two pressing options: short and long (the button is pressed for more than 3 seconds). In turn, these presses trigger one or more automation devices: Relay, WallSwitch, or Socket.

Such scenarios allow automating your security system and reducing the number of routine actions. Switch your lights on, turn water off, open the gates, block electric locks with a single Button press.

👉 How to create and configure a scenario in the Ajax security system

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