Socket: A smart plug for a smart home

Socket: A smart plug for a smart home

Socket is a radio-controlled smart plug developed by Ajax Systems. The device combines the best of two worlds — automation and security. Connecting to an Ajax security system via the encrypted Jeweller radio protocol, the device supports communication at a distance of up to 1,000 m, with no need for Wi-Fi. Power-consumption meter and load indicator help monitor the power supply of appliances in real time. With automation scenarios, the system can counter threats instantly, and you can no longer worry about an iron left on. Socket is available with type F and type G plugs.

Remote control for appliances

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Socket allows you to control the power of electrical appliances in Ajax apps, by pressing the Button, or automatically by scenario. The system user can be thousands of kilometers away from home, but still be able to switch devices on and off, and monitor power consumption.

Secure radio communication without Wi-Fi

Socket communicates with an Ajax hub via the Jeweller radio protocol. The Ajax proprietary technology guarantees an uninterrupted two-way communication between the hub and the smart plug at a distance of up to 1,000 m. The radio protocol uses frames to synchronize device communication sessions, authentication to prevent forgery, and encryption to protect against data theft.

Jeweller does not depend on Wi-Fi and is protected from interferences by radio frequency hopping.

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Automation scenarios

Set up automation scenarios in the Ajax apps. Turn on the floor heating, boiler, and heater by schedule. Turn off electrical appliances if Ajax fire detectors are triggered. Deter burglars with lights on when they cross the perimeter, if it is guarded by outdoor motion detectors. Turn off the washing machine, if the LeaksProtect detector identifies a water leak.

Socket can operate in pulse or bistable mode. The pulse duration from 0.5 to 255 seconds can be adjusted in the Ajax app.

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Practical design

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The Socket body is compact, symmetrical and does not block neighboring slots in network filters and extension cords. This makes it possible to use all connectors at the same time.

If the LED frame light disturbs you at night, you can turn it off or reduce the brightness in the Ajax app. There is a functional button on the Socket type G body, which allows you to operate the plug even without the app or Button.

Power consumption under control

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The smart plug’s LED frame changes color from green to purple depending on the load. It indicates how much energy the device is consuming.

Monitor the exact power consumption value of a connected device in the Ajax app.

Connection in seconds

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To add Socket to an Ajax security system, plug the device into a power outlet and scan the QR code with the mobile app.

👉 Socket User Manual (type F)
👉 Socket User Manual (type G)

Electrical safety

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The smart plug protects your appliances from sudden power surges. Socket interrupts power supply to appliances and electronics in case of under- and overvoltage. A grounding contact prevents electric shock. And the device’s overheat protection safeguards against fire. Special curtains prevent children from accessing the smart plug and sticking fingers or objects inside. They also protect the device from dust and splashes.