The newest addition to the Fibra product line

The newest addition to the Fibra product line

New devices of the Fibra product line were not long in coming. Four more products are ready to protect the most complex objects:

Furthermore, the Hub Hybrid (2G) and Hub Hybrid (4G) casings have been upgraded according to NSI, SSAIB, and INCERT requirements. The new casing version has light guides for the hub status indication. In the previous version, the LED indicator is located on the board and not visible when the casing is closed.

All new products are Grade 3 certified and available to order. Hubs with new casings can now be ordered in Belgium and the UK and later will be available worldwide.

More Grade 3 devices against intrusion

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Ajax Systems entered the high-end security market earlier this year, presenting the first bunch of Grade 3 certified devices. While several more Ajax devices are in the process of certification, DoorProtect G3 Fibra joins the list and is ready to cover high-risk facilities.

The G3 model has built-in shock and tilt sensors. To detect a door opening, there are two reed switches in plastic capsules, making the sensor more durable. When the reed switches are used in a pair, the detector functions effectively regardless of whether the magnet is placed on the right or left side. DoorProtect G3 also has terminals for connecting a third-party NC detector. For example, an installer can integrate a second opening detector or a roller shutter to enhance entrance security. The front part of the enclosure can be fixed in two positions, allowing wires to be routed from both the top and bottom of the detector.

The detector features a magnetometer that can be calibrated through Ajax apps to measure and store local magnetic field data. The magnetometer has three sensitivity levels, can identify an installed magnet, and monitor its effect on reed switches. Any changes in the magnetic field trigger an immediate alarm, ensuring protection against magnet spoofing. The complete set also includes plastic spacers designed to reduce the impact of metal surfaces on the magnet. For example, when installing the detector on safe or vault doors.

Turning outdated into innovative via Transmitter


Transmitter Fibra is a wired version of a well-known integration module by Ajax. A third-party device can now be connected straight to the Fibra line.

The module gets significant upgrades. Besides NC and NO connections, Transmitter Fibra now supports 2EOL, 3EOL, AATT, and roller shutter motion detector. Moreover, third-party security management devices can also be integrated into the system via KeyArm input — the newest addition to the feature set. Now, it’s possible to integrate keypads, mechanical key switches, pushbutton switches, radio controllers, and telephone relays into Ajax. KeyArm configures in Ajax apps and can arm/disarm the system, individual groups, and Night Mode.

Traditionally, the module provides 10 event types for an integrated device, including a custom event type that can be set according to the user’s request. Transmitter can also provide a 12 V⎓ power supply for an integrated device with up to 50 mA consumption. The module comes in a tiny size (40 × 15 mm), so it can be installed inside the enclosure of any third-party device. The EOL resistance is measured automatically, saving installers hours of work when retrofitting systems at the large objects.

Additional power supply for wired devices

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The Fibra line becomes more enhanced with the LineSupply (45 W) release. The module provides an additional power supply to connected Fibra devices and extends the line length up to 2,000 m. It gives the 30 W of output power for Fibra devices, using another 15 W to charge the backup battery. The module can be installed at any point of the Fibra line, even following another LineSupply. An installer can combine up to 10 modules on a single Fibra line, boosting its length for up to 22 km without a power drawdown. This level of flexibility opens numerous possibilities to effectively cover factories, farms, power plants, or other large-scale facilities.

LineSupply is installed into Case C (260) or Case D (430) alongside a 12 V⎓ backup battery with a capacity from 7 to 18 A·h. The module is protected from short circuits, overvoltage, and overheating. In case of a short circuit or overvoltage, the system instantly detects a problem on the line and notifies the security company and users. At the same time, LineSupply turns off the affected output line and attempts to restore power in 12 seconds, remaining de-energized if the issue persists. And when the problem is fixed, there is no need to replace the fuses: the system will restore operation automatically.

One more size of multi-purpose casing

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Case C (260) is designed specifically for LineSupply. The casing has one slot for LineSupply and the other for a backup battery.

Everything for correct and smooth installation is already in the set. A built-in spirit level and slightly bigger fixing points assist the professional in a perfectly accurate mounting position. Inside, Case C (260) has special fasteners for cable management and several perforated parts on the back for wiring out cables. Markings for drill positioning and special protectors inside help to stop the drill before it hits other components. The holders for device placement are flexible and require only one move of hand to install the module inside. The top lid of the casing is equipped with anti-falling screws to prevent accidental dropping of installation parts.

And a secret weapon is a built-in tamper: it is connected to LineSupply to protect the device against sabotage attempts.

Why professionals choose Fibra

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The Fibra signature feature is its communication protocol, which guarantees seamless system functionality and exceptional energy efficiency. With Fibra, devices consume milliwatts. Low power consumption not only enables the connection of a greater number of devices on a single line but also facilitates longer wired connections.

Professional tools to simplify the installation:

  • Remote control and configuration. Intuitive Ajax apps provide remote set-up and all device information from anywhere the Internet is available, on a smartphone or PC. An installer can remotely change the settings and provide services in time. No need to visit the object.
  • Automatic line scanning. The feature finds physically connected devices not yet assigned to the hub and allows adding them to the system in a few taps. Thus, an installer could scan 100 devices in 10 minutes.
  • Power consumption stress test. It helps to ensure that the system has enough power in any situation. In PRO apps, an installer launches the simulation of maximum power consumption to check the system’s response.
  • Automatic sync with CMS. After the installation and setup, all system settings are automatically downloaded from the cloud server to PRO Desktop. The CMS engineer does not waste time transferring the devices manually.

Moreover, professionals have access to a variety of tools and information resources created by Ajax Systems. Use the Fibra power supply calculator to check the security system project. Read articles on our website to learn more about Fibra. Also, professionals have access to free training at Ajax Academy and a dedicated Technical Support team, which is available round the clock, 365 days a year.

How to work with Fibra

Only accredited Ajax Systems partners can sell, install, and administer Fibra products. Please fill in the form to get access to the Fibra product line. If you are not an Ajax Systems partner yet, please complete the Become a partner form.