We proudly introduce Superior, a remarkable addition to our project-oriented product group. Superior product line includes wireless devices designed for projects. Expanded features, reliability, and compliance for PROs make Superior a game changer among wireless devices.

This product line is developed for projects. Only accredited Ajax Systems partners can sell, install, and administer Superior products.

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Superior devices compatible with OS Malevich 2.16 and higher. The release of OS Malevich 2.16 is coming soon.

Superior devices

Experience an array of exceptional features, cutting-edge hardware, improved certification compliance, effortless installation and more. The product line consists of opening, motion, and glass break detectors, detectors with photo verification, control devices, indoor and outdoor sirens, and panic buttons. Superior is ready for most of the projects.

Superior, Fibra, and Baseline product lines are mutually compatible. This opens up numerous possibilities for building systems of any configuration.

List of available devices:

All Superior devices

Benefits for PROs

Listening to the market has become imperative for Ajax Systems. By actively seeking and analyzing feedback from the markets, we gain valuable insights into their needs. Armed with this information, we have developed Superior to cover more security professionals’ needs.

The product line has not only international compliance. Superior has all the important local certifications. Thus, security professionals could install Ajax devices according to the following requirements:

  • PD 6662:2017
  • SSF (in progress)

Also, the following international certifications are included: EN 50131 (Grade 2), RED, RoHS, EMC, LVD.

Superior ready for commercial premises:

Office Warehouse Production
Medical center Restaurant Educational institution

Ajax Systems guarantees the highest quality for security professionals due to three control stages: 100% of devices are tested in factories, and all devices have compliance certifications and restricted access to accredited partners only.

From now on, Superior and Fibra are united into intrusion protection products for projects.

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