MotionProtect Plus Fibra

Wired indoor motion detector with an extra microwave sensor
Precise motion detection in a complex environment
As a part of an advanced motion detection system, the microwave sensor is activated only when the PIR sensor is triggered. This additional check makes motion detection accurate even in premises with complex thermal interference, such as operating air conditioners, fireplaces, and strong draughts.
PIR + Microwave
Microwave sensor verify PIR sensor’s alarms
Pet immunity
Up to 20 kg / Up to 50 cm
Fibra line connection
up to 2,000 m
Two colours
Motion detection angle
Software filter against false alarms
Data-rich notifications
MotionProtect Plus Fibra in Back Door is offline. Connection via Fibra channel lost.
Lid closed, MotionProtect Plus Fibra in Back Door
Lid is open, MotionProtect Plus Fibra in Back Door
Remote control and setup
Energy consumption
up to 50 µA
Temperature compensation
Effective detection in heat and cold
Hassle-free installation
Smart Bracket
This is the device of the Fibra wired product line. To purchase, install and administer such devices, you need to be an accredited partner, undergo training and gain access.

Security wired motion sensors for the premises

To protect the building from intrusions, motion sensors are used. Motion detectors differ in the way a person's movement is detected, which is based on the principles:
  • infrared radiation;
  • radio wave action;
  • ultrasonic and sonic action.
All motion sensors have common characteristics, and this is the range of the field of action and the viewing angle. There are also several individual characteristics that you should pay attention to when choosing a motion detector:
  1. Temperature characteristics determine the scope and performance of the sensor in ambient conditions. It is necessary to pay attention to the ability of the sensor to work at an air temperature close to the temperature of the human body to avoid false positives.
  2. Supply voltage.
  3. Consumed current.
  4. Type of relay contacts used (normally closed NC, normally open NO).
  5. Immunity to animal movements.

Features and applications of infrared motion sensors

The principle of operation of IR motion sensors is to receive infrared radiation from objects in the protected area. All material objects (humans, animals, furniture) radiate heat. The motion sensor receiver detects the change in thermal radiation, and the detector decides on the appearance of a foreign object. Features of mounting IR motion sensors:
  • Avoid pointing the detector at sources of sunlight and heat to avoid false alarms.
  • For volumetric characteristics, the installation of IR motion sensors should be carried out in the same way as radio wave ones.

Features and application of radio wave motion sensors

The principle of operation of radio wave motion sensors is to reflect electromagnetic waves from an object. The device's sensor is equipped with an electrical oscillation generator that constantly emits energy. When a person appears in the detection field, the electrical oscillations change, and the receiving part captures the change in the waves. After that, the presence of a person is confirmed. Installation of radio wave motion sensors is carried out following the parameters of the field of action:
  • Sensors with a field of action of 90° or less are mounted in the corner of the room or on the wall, depending on the direction of the object of protection.
  • Motion sensors with a field of 180° are mounted on the wall.
  • Detectors with a 360° field of action are installed in the center of the room on the ceiling.

Features and Applications of Ultrasonic Motion Sensors

The principle of operation of ultrasonic type motion sensors is based on changing the oscillations of ultrasonic waves that a person does not perceive, reflected from objects, and their registration using the Doppler effect. When the reflected wavelength changes, the motion detector is triggered. Ultrasonic motion sensors are insensitive to thermal changes and have a narrow field of view up to 60°. Installation of ultrasonic motion sensors is reasonable in the corner of the room or on the wall. Such detectors are often used in small, narrow spaces.

MotionProtect Plus Fibra — indoor wired motion sensor

The MotionProtect Plus Fibra wired motion sensor detects motion at a distance of up to 12 meters and is designed for indoor installation under guard. MotionProtect Plus Fibra communicates with the control panel using the secure Fibra protocol at a distance of up to 2000 meters when connected via a U/UTP cat. 5 twisted pair cable. After detecting motion in the armed mode, the motion sensor immediately transmits an alarm signal to the alarm control panel. The control panel, in turn, launches scenarios, notifies users and the security company about the incident, and activates the security sirens. MotionProtect Plus Fibra from Ajax is compatible with Hub Hybrid alarm control panel. Connection to other control panels, radio signal repeaters, ocBridge Plus and uartBridge is not provided. The MotionProtect Plus Fibra wired motion sensor is available in two colours: white and black. Due to the variability of colours and laconic design, the device is easy to integrate into any kind of interior.

How the MotionProtect Plus wired motion sensor works

Indoor wired motion sensor MotionProtect Plus Fibra is equipped with an additional microwave sensor. With the help of an IR sensor, it detects an intrusion when it notices the movements of objects with a temperature close to the temperature of the human body. When the MotionProtect Plus Fibra wired motion detector detects motion, it performs an RF scan of the guarded area to eliminate false alarms due to thermal noise. This principle of operation of the device helps distinguish between thermal interference created by fans, air conditioning, air flow, etc.

Features of MotionProtect Plus wired motion sensor

MotionProtect Plus Fibra wired motion detector with microwave sensor is used indoors for perimeter protection and has several advantages:
  • Thanks to its advanced detection system, the motion sensor provides accurate motion detection even under challenging environments. The MotionProtect Plus microwave sensor is only activated when the infrared sensor detects movement. It is possible to provide reliable protection in rooms with thermal interference: fireplaces, drafts, and air conditioners.
Temperature compensation ensures the correct operation of the wired indoor motion sensor at temperatures close to human body temperature.
  • The MotionProtect Plus Fibra, a wired motion sensor, ignores the movements of animals weighing up to 20 kilograms and high up to 50 centimetres.
  • Each event recorded by the MotionProtect Plus Fibra wired motion sensor is recorded in the notification feed of the Ajax application. And also, the owner always knows exactly where the movement of an outsider was noticed, thanks to the targeting of motion detectors. The alarm message contains the name of the activated device, the name of the protected object and the virtual room to which the sensor is assigned.
  • MotionProtect Plus Fibra is a wired device from Ajax that requires professional installation. The installer must be trained and accredited for acquisition, installation, and administration.

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