Smoke Screen fog generator

Smoke Screen fog generator

Powerful security fog generators integrated into an Ajax system.

Smoke Screen

Manufacturer of the intelligent and innovative anti-intruder fog security systems.

About the product

Smoke Screen is a security solution that generates thick fog after unauthorized entry is detected, creating a strong deterrent against intruders.

This fog generator is seamlessly integrated with the Ajax system through two Relay Jeweller installed directly into the machine. The first relay’s contacts close when the system is armed, initiating the readiness of the fog generator. The second one closes when one of the detectors is triggered, activating the fog generator. The Ajax automation scenarios have flexible settings so that the fog generator can be activated only in case of a verified alarm.

The moment an unauthorized entry is detected by motion, opening, or glass break detector, the room immediately fills up with a dense, harmless fog making it virtually impossible for intruders to see anything. This instant response provides a dual-layered defense, triggering the system to alert security personnel while simultaneously enveloping the intruders in a visually obstructive fog.


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