PROTECT fog cannon

PROTECT fog cannon

Fog cannon seamlessly integrated into an Ajax security system.


International manufacturer creating products to protect from burglary and robbery.

About the product

PROTECT fog cannon is the ultimate security solution for home, business, or industrial properties. These powerful machines generate a dense, white fog that obscures visibility within seconds, making it impossible for intruders to see or steal anything.

PROTECT fog cannons are now part of the Ajax Ready solutions. Each fog cannon has two pre-installed Relay Jeweller. The installation is quick and easy: no complicated wiring is needed. Fog cannons look nice and neat in any space.

Control and activate PROTECT fog cannon remotely using the Ajax app or automation scenarios. An installer only needs to add relays to an Ajax security system through the app. Then, create automation scenarios to activate relays when motion, opening, or glass break detectors are triggered. This process takes minutes, ensuring efficient deployment of advanced security technology tailored to individual needs.


protect relay

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