Air monitoring with LifeQuality: On the guard of your productivity

Air monitoring with LifeQuality: On the guard of your productivity

Ajax Systems debuts LifeQuality, a smart air quality monitor that combines medical-grade measurement accuracy and professional security technologies. The device provides users with the data on carbon dioxide pollution, temperature and humidity level and helps automate appliances according to these indicators.

Many studies prove that carbon dioxide levels strongly affect the brain’s functioning. In particular, productivity. For example, a high concentration of CO2 can reduce the speed of mental activity by 60% and the ability to make complex decisions by 50%. So the problem is clear: bad air kills productivity. It has been tested in schools, offices and even on the space station. We saw a new challenge in it. We saw an opportunity to combine security and comfort.

Max Melnyk

Device Department R&D Director, Ajax Systems

LifeQuality is explicitly designed for building an extensive air quality monitoring system. The monitor is equipped with an accelerometer, notifying of moving it to another location, and the SmartBracket, helping to easily mount it on the wall in every room or office. LifeQuality works on a battery for up to two and a half years, so there is no need for a power outlet in the place of installation.

Medical-grade measurement accuracy

LifeQuality uses industry-leading sensors to indicate the most accurate data on the ambient environment.

LifeQuality is packed with sensors that are used in professional medical equipment. Sunrise from Senseair is a non-dispersive infrared sensor that directly measures carbon dioxide concentration. Unlike VOC sensors, this type of sensor indicates actual and precise CO2 data regardless of pollutants in the air, like aerosols and steam.

SHT40 from Sensirion is an industrial-grade digital sensor platform for measuring relative humidity and temperature. An integrated heater allows for advanced on-board diagnostics while the sensor element is designed for harsh conditions such as condensing environments. SHT40 ensures up to ±0.2°C accuracy.

But Ajax engineers went even further and placed the sensor as far as possible from the device electronics. So now, when using LifeQuality, an Ajax system will display its indicators in the room parameters because of the most precise data.

Full awareness with one app

Charts and history in the Ajax app help to understand air quality dynamics.

The air quality indicators are displayed in the Ajax app alongside information on security and automation devices. Thanks to the Ajax Cloud server, security system users can access data from anywhere. The indicators are accompanied by charts containing the history for several days, a week, a month or even a year, helping to understand air quality dynamics. Push notifications give systems users instant awareness of environmental changes according to set thresholds.

When set thresholds are exceeded, the Ajax app sends a notification.

Due to the in-built memory, LifeQuality can be used to measure the air quality in other locations, for instance, a garage, kindergarten, and relatives’ houses. Even without communication with an Ajax hub, the monitor stores data for three days. When the connection is restored, all data is uploaded to the hub, and users can view it in the app.

Aside from the app, the device LED indicator instantly reports carbon dioxide levels. A user just has to tap the Ajax logo. It glows yellow, red or purple if the concentration of CO2 exceeds the set norm.

The LifeQuality LED indicator instantly reports carbon dioxide levels.

Automation for greater comfort

With LifeQuality, Ajax relays and smart plugs, a professional installation engineer can build an automatic climate control system.

Being a part of an Ajax system, LifeQuality can trigger automation devices, such as WallSwitch, Relay and Socket. This opens a wide range of appliances that can switch on or off by ambient environmental changes.

For example, Ajax will turn on the ventilation when the set threshold of CO2 is exceeded, or the heaters when the temperature drops below the set value, or the humidifier when the humidity level does not correspond to a comfortable level.

The automation scenarios are set up on-site and remotely in the Ajax app.

Security technologies against invisible threats

The Jeweller radio protocol with the range extender ensures up to 3,400 meters of secure communication with an Ajax hub.

LifeQuality brings all the best Ajax security technologies to an air quality monitoring system.

Jeweller. The Jeweller radio protocol ensures up to 1,700 meters of secure communication, more reliable than Wi-Fi, Zigbee or Z-Wave. And a radio signal range extender doubles this distance.

SmartBracket. A standard Ajax mounting panel helps to quickly fix LifeQuality on the wall or ceiling in every room or office.

Autonomy. LifeQuality works on batteries for up to two and a half years — there is no need for a power outlet.

Accelerometer. Users and a security company receive a notification immediately if someone dismantles and moves the device to another location.

Ajax Cloud. Reliable cloud storage for system data gives users access to it from any part of the world with an Internet connection.

LifeQuality in action


LifeQuality will be available for order from authorized Ajax Systems partners in the 4th quarter of 2022.

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