With the control panel Hub 2, you don’t have to live under 24/7 video surveillance to see why an alarm went off. If anything happens, the hub sends alarms and photos from the MotionCam and MotionCam Outdoor motion detectors in 9 seconds. With MotionCam (PhOD) and MotionCam Outdoor (PhOD) detectors, the user can get photos at any time by requesting them in Ajax apps or by setting up a scenario to receive photos in response to an Ajax fire detector alarm.

Hub 2 is always connected, even without electrical power or Internet connection. Moreover, it does not depend on the infrastructure of the secure facility thanks to the Jeweller and Wings radio protocols, a built-in battery, and two SIM card slots.

Hub 2 is offered in two versions:

What to know about the difference

Both models are produced in parallel and differ only in the modem version used (2G and 4G). The hubs have the same body, the same limit of scenarios, users, and supported devices. You can distinguish the models by their names on the package.

👉 More about Hub 2 technologies

Hub 2 (2G) Hub 2 (4G)
Devices 100 100
Video surveillance devices 25 25
Range extenders 5 5
Users 50 50
Security groups 9 9
Scenarios 32 32
Support for photo verification yes yes
Communication channels 2G
2G/3G/4G (LTE)

👉 Differences between Ajax hubs

Photo verification as a new protection of personal boundaries

Ajax photo verification is an alternative to video surveillance cameras. In addition to alarm verification, MotionCam (PhOD) and MotionCam Outdoor (PhOD) detectors can send pictures on demand by the users in Ajax apps, as well as take photos in case of a fire detector alarm.

Detectors with the PhOD function can be used as an additional means of monitoring the situation at a facility, in an office, or at home. With the outdoor version of the detector, you can also monitor what is happening outside.

👉 How the Photo on Demand function works

Protection of facilities of any size

With a system controlled by the Hub 2 control panel, you can ensure the security of your home, office, store, or even industrial facility. The hub works with 100 detectors and Ajax devices at a distance of up to 2,000 meters. And this is only the start: radio signal range extenders can increase the coverage area of the hub up to 35 km².

Always stays connected

Hub 2 has three channels for communication with users and security companies: Ethernet and two SIM card slots. A second slot makes it possible to use cards from two different GSM operators and thus improve the reliability of the system. And thanks to instant switching between communication channels, Hub 2 will not fail to transmit photos and detector alarms even if Internet connection is unstable.

More features with every update

Hub 2 runs on the OS Malevich real-time operating system developed by Ajax Systems. The system is immune to viruses, protected from cyber attacks, and extremely reliable. The hardware configuration allows Hub 2 to update and stay relevant for years.

👉 Hub 2 user manual

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