Hub 2: the brain of the wireless security system that transmits photos when alarms are raised


Hub 2, the Ajax security system control panel, supports MotionCam motion detectors with photo alarm verifications.

The new hub has more memory, a fast processor, and an additional radio protocol Wings for high-speed photo transmission. The second SIM-card slot allows using the control panel at the locations with an unstable Internet connection — for instance, in a country house or mountain resort.

👉🏻 Hub 2 is already available for sale.
Hub 2 will go on sale in the coming month.
Hub 2 will have gone on sale by the end of the month.
Hub 2 will go on sale in the coming months.

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Visual alarms

Based on Hub 2 you can now build security systems with visual alarm verification. Thanks to the animated series of photos from the MotionCam detectors you’ll instantly learn about any incidents and see what has triggered an alarm.

MotionCam detectors are independent of the Wi-Fi infrastructure on location. They transmit images to the hub via a proprietary encrypted radio protocol Wings. You can review the last 500 photos in the Ajax app. They include all the information of the time, date, and place of action.

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Protection of any scale

Hub 2 is a control tool for safe homes, offices, shops, or even industrial facilities. The control panel can manage up to a 100 of Ajax detectors and devices on a distance of up to 2000 meters. And this is not the limit — the ReX radio signal range extender boosts the hub’s coverage area to up to 16 km².

Always in touch

The new hub has three channels to communicate with the users and security companies: Ethernet and two slots for SIM-cards. The second slot allows users to improve stability by choosing two different GSM operators. And thanks to the instantaneous switching between communication channels, Hub 2 is guaranteed to transmit photos and alarms even with an unstable Internet connection.

Find out more about the visual alarm verifications and Hub 2 features on the product page:

Hub 2 capabilities

Never stops learning


The list of features of the Ajax hubs expands every year with the regular updates of the OS Malevich operating system. To ensure the future development of the Hub 2, we’ve increased the amount of ROM and RAM and equipped it with a fast processor. Now the control panel can operate longer on a backup battery; it can transmit photos from the MotionCam detectors to the users and security companies within seconds and enables them to connect more streams of the video surveillance systems.

Hub Hub 2
Number of cameras and DVRs 10 25
Communication channels Ethernet, 2G SIM card Ethernet, two 2G SIM cards
The speed of switching between the cards: 4 minutes
Battery backup power up to 15 hours up to 16 hours
Supporting detectors featuring photo confirmation of alarms N/A Available. It uses an additional antenna and Wings radio protocol.

Hub 2 User Manual

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