Ajax Systems announces a strategic partnership with UR Fog, the Italian manufacturer and security fogging systems market leader. The partnership results in the specialized fog machines product line that combines pre-installed Ajax relays and custom firmware for activation through an Ajax security system. Five fog generator models emitting up to 800 m³ of smoke in 69 seconds, three activation modes including automation scenarios, and a completely wireless connection — Ajax Ready fog machines are available for order from authorized Ajax partners.

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A ready-made solution

A fog machine makes the security system extremely effective. On average, thieves need around 3 minutes to carry valuables from the premises, while the average rapid response unit arrival time is 15 to 30 minutes. Every second, the UR Fog machine fills 10-13 m³ with dense, impenetrable fog that prevents intruders from accessing the premises for an hour. The security fog is harmless for humans and food.

The Ajax Ready product line includes five fog generator models covering up to 800 m³. Fog machines can be mounted on a wall or ceiling and stand on a flat surface.

FPU03ESM200A covers up to 200 m³ in 28 seconds
FPU03ESM300A covers up to 300 m³ in 40 seconds
FPU03ESM400A covers up to 400 m³ in 46 seconds
FPU03ESM500A covers up to 500 m³ in 48 seconds
FPU03ESM800A covers up to 800 m³ in 69 seconds

It is with great pleasure that we announce the strategic partnership with UR Fog. Ajax Systems has always been a company interested in the ​​partnerships that add value to its solutions. UR FOG, through its new and innovative line of anti-intrusion fog systems under the joint brand «UR Fog Ajax Ready» represents for us the best ally. This partnership provides security companies and providers with effective management for their Ajax systems and the opportunity to grow their businesses through new value-added services. You can order «UR Fog Ajax Ready» solutions exclusively from our authorized Ajax Systems partners.Ivan Galimberti,
Country Manager for Italy, Ajax Systems

ajax ur fog partnership

Available in black and white, UR Fog machines fit perfectly into any interior design.

A synergy of professional equipment

The Ajax Ready fog machines feature pre-installed wireless relays, making on-site installation quick and straightforward. An installer needs only add relays to an Ajax security system in the mobile app and set up automation scenarios. This process requires minutes with no need for wiring.

Three ways to activate the fog machine with Ajax

  1. Automatic fog emission following intrusion alarm. Set up a scenario to activate relays when motion or opening detectors are triggered. Jeweller, the system's encrypted radio protocol, needs a fraction of a second to execute such a scenario.
  2. Manual activation after a visually verified intrusion. When triggered, the MotionCam motion detectors take photos and send them to security system users and a monitoring station operator. A sequential series of photos allows users to visually verify the alarm and activate the fog machine remotely right from the Ajax app.
  3. Manual activation with a panic button. Button and DoubleButton wireless devices can activate the fog machine when pressed in the radio coverage of the control panel (hub), even when the security system is disarmed.

The collaboration with Ajax is a source of great pride for us not only for the product quality but also for the uniqueness of the combined offer. Ease of installation, product quality and greater protection are what emerge from the integration of Ajax security systems and UR Fog anti-intrusion fog systems. It is a great honour for us to work with the Ajax team to build comprehensive offerings to protect customers' property and assets by increasing the rate of prevented theft up to 96% with our combined solutions.Corrado Braggiotti
CEO – Sales and Marketing Manager, UR Fog