DoubleButton Jeweller

Wireless hold-up device
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In case the wolves are real

In case the wolves are real

In case the wolves are real

No accidental presses

No accidental presses

To activate the alarm, you must simultaneously press both buttons. They are stiff and parted by a plastic barrier. These measures eliminate false alarms when carrying DoubleButton in a pocket or bag.

No unnecessary dispatches

DoubleButton supports confirmed alarms. This feature implies instructing users: what sequence of presses is required to generate a confirmed alarm condition. It gives a 100% guarantee that a hold-up alarm was raised intentionally and only by an authorized user.
Confirmation with one DoubleButton
Confirmation with two DoubleButtons

Guaranteed alarm delivery

The hold-up device transmits a signal to the hub via Jeweller—a two-way radio protocol communicating at a range of up to 1300 meters. A flashing LED verifies the successful delivery of the DoubleButton alarm. Jeweller encrypts the transmitted data and prevents device forgery. In the case of interference, the Ajax system switches to a free radio frequency, and when the air is jammed, it notifies users and a security company about the situation.
  • Radio signal range of up to 1,300 m
  • Alarm delivery confirmation
  • AES encryption
  • RF hopping

PRO-technology solution for any object

DoubleButton meets the requirements of professional European security standards and can be used in both private and commercial properties. Wireless connectivity with the hub and long communication range gives freedom in placing and allows you to carry DoubleButton around.
Under the desk in a workplace

Under the desk in a workplace

On a guard's neck

On a guard's neck

In a clerk's pocket

In a clerk's pocket

On the wall by a front door or bed

On the wall by a front door or bed

More than just alarms

More than just alarms

Raising an alarm is the priority DoubleButton function. But not the only one. By transmitting an alarm signal, the hold-up device can activate all or specific sirens at the object. And also, run automation scenarios: trigger a smoke machine, close electric locks, lower roller shutters.
Truly effortless maintenance

Truly effortless maintenance

The device body is resistant to temperature extremes, dust, and splashes. Buttons are designed for thousands of clicks. With a pre-installed battery lasting up to 5 years, DoubleButton does not require maintenance for a very long time.
  • IP55 body
  • Ready to operate in heat and cold
  • Works up to 5 years from battery


A bracket to mount DoubleButton or Button on surfaces
139 UAH
VAT included
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Connecting without puzzles

Add DoubleButton to a system and configure it — all in Ajax PRO — a mobile app for engineers. No need to disassemble the housing; just fix the device to a surface using Holder. Or hang it on lace or keychain. A few minutes and hold-up device is ready for use.
Connecting without puzzles

Choose the most suitable Ajax set in 2 minutes

Tell us what you need to protect and we will put together a set of detectors and devices for your premises.

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Ajax DoubleButton wireless emergency button. Safety management with comfort

Ajax DoubleButton is a wireless emergency button with an advanced level of protection. Using such a gadget indoors prevents the possibility of a false response to various threats due to a well-thought-out logic. The emergency button is an addition to the security system, which will report the threat and actively resist it. The user can set up additional functions triggered by the signal: sirens, shutters, electric locks, etc. The emergency button transmits a signal to the Ajax Hub via the two-way Jeweller radio protocol. The range of the device to the Hub security system is up to 1300 meters. Jeweller protects the transmitted data with a cypher and eliminates the forgery of the device. If network failures or interferences are detected, the system switches to free radio frequency and informs users and the security company about the situation. The emergency button confirms the successful delivery of the alarm signal by the green LED on the housing. The installation of an emergency button is recommended for both commercial and residential premises.

The main advantages of the Ajax DoubleButton emergency button

No accidental clicks

To raise the alarm, you need to press two DoubleButton buttons simultaneously. Accidental pressing is excluded, as the buttons are tight and separated by a partition. If you press only one of the two buttons — the alarm will not work.

Alarm confirmation

Use different combinations of button presses to confirm the alarm. This arrangement ensures that the system user raised the alarm and did it intentionally. It is not possible to select the alarm type in this device. Also, it is essential to note that the button works 24/7 — pressing DoubleButton will raise the alarm regardless of the security mode.

Alarm delivery guarantee

The range of the emergency button is connected to the Hub control panel — up to 1300 m. The signal is transmitted using the two-way radio protocol Jeweller, which protects the transferred data with a cypher and eliminates duplication. If interference is detected in the network, the Ajax system looks for a free radio frequency to connect and notify users. The success of the delivery of the alarm with the emergency button DoubleButton, confirms the flashing of the LED on the device's body.

Professional room protection with DoubleButton

The DoubleButton emergency button complies with European security standards and is recommended for private and commercial premises. The mobile button contains the following factors: wireless communication with the Hub control panel, extended range of communication and freedom in choosing the installation site or moving around the protected area.

Not just raising the alarm

The primary function of the DoubleButton emergency device is to raise the alarm, but it is not the only one. In addition to transmitting an alarm, the button can activate various automation scenarios. For example:
  • Turning on all or specific sirens on the site.
  • Closing the electric locks.
  • Lowering the blinds.

Easy to maintain

The case of the emergency button is protected from sharp changes in temperatures, splashes and dust. Each of the buttons is designed for thousands of presses, and the pre-installed CR2032 battery lasts up to 5 years.

A simple process of connecting an emergency button

To connect an emergency button, the user needs to add DoubleButton to the system in the Ajax application and configure it according to the prompts. Installing an emergency button does not require disassembly of the case. The user can place the device with the Holder conveniently or hang it on a string or keychain. A couple of minutes and the emergency button is ready to go.


Differences between a DoubleButton and a Button?

Ajax DoubleButton is an emergency button for reporting an alarm. It is possible to transmit a danger signal and activate various automation signals. Ajax Button is an alarm button with several alarm scenarios and additional smart button functionality.

When can I press the emergency button?

The emergency button is an element of the burglar alarm designed to call for help in emergencies.

How to press the DoubleButton emergency button?

With one Ajax DoubleButton device, there are two alarm activation algorithms:
  1. Press two buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds, then release, then briefly press both buttons again.
  2. Or vice versa — first briefly press two buttons, release, then press both buttons for 2 seconds.
The same steps are repeated with multiple Ajax DoubleButton security devices or for the one device. According to the algorithm, the user activates either one button twice or from two different devices simultaneously. 

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