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StarterKit 2

Security system set
10,399 UAH
VAT included
Fast connection to an alarm response company
Automated security with scenarios
Three communication channels to remain online
Protects the entrance to the premises

StarterKit 2 consists of four devices

Hub 2 (2G)

The hub controls all security system devices and supports the detectors with photo verification of alarms. The hub notifies you about any activity back home using push notifications, SMS, and phone calls.


The motion detector reacts to an unauthorized entry in the secure facility.


The detector reacts to opening instantly. It is the first line of defence of your security system. Mount it on any door type.

Ajax SpaceControl Jeweller

The key fob arms and disarms your home. In an emergency situation press the panic button to call the reinforcement.

Extend your security system arsenal

Choose the most suitable Ajax set in 2 minutes

Tell us what you need to protect and we will put together a set of detectors and devices for your premises.

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Ajax StarterKit 2 wireless alarm kit

A security alarm is a set of sensors and digital devices that analyze and respond to stimuli — light, sound, movement, etc. Correct installing a security alarm in a house, office, hotel, or hotel creates a security system that will promptly respond to violations of boundaries in the territory under protection. A complete security system includes the following devices:
  • security alarm panels;
  • sensors — ultrasonic, infrared, glass breaking, movement, combined;
  • alarm buttons for signalling;
  • alarm sirens;
  • additional attributes — modules, mounts, keyboards.
Before choosing an alarm for installation, you should familiarize yourself with its types and applications.

Types of alarm systems

All systems that exist on the market fall into two categories:
  • autonomous alarm systems;
  • with a signal to the control panel.
The autonomous security system is responsible for informing about the alarm by sound or light detectors — sirens, light indicators. Information about the incident is not transmitted anywhere. Some systems have a built-in message to alarm users. The second type of alarm device is installed concerning private security services for additional control. When the security system sensors are triggered, a rapid response team leaves for the facility. If the alarm is false, the call for reinforcements is cancelled. There are also GSM security alarm systems, which can be wired and wireless.

What devices are included in the alarm system

All security alarm systems consist of the following set of devices:
  • Alarm control panel;
  • sensors of various types;
  • communication devise with the central.
The set of security devices can also include signal sensors — external or internal, with the connection of surveillance cameras.

Security and fire alarm for the protection of premises

In addition to the burglar alarm, another group is distinguished — the security and fire safety system. This complex of modern technical means is designed to inform about a fire instantly and, in some of them, automatically extinguish a fire source. Intrusion protection systems and fire alarms can also work separately: a perimeter security alarm detects intruders entering the protected area, and a fire alarm monitors the perimeter for fire.

Ajax StarterKit 2 wireless GSM alarm kit for security

The Ajax StarterKit 2 wireless alarm kit consists of the Ajax Hub 2 control panel, the Ajax DoorProtect opening sensor, the Ajax MotionProtect motion sensor and the Ajax SpaceControl security alarm key fob. Ajax StarterKit 2 can be supplemented with 25 IP video cameras and up to 99 wireless devices of the Ajax alarm system — various sensors: opening, glass breaking, movement, vibration, detection of gas and water leaks, sirens, keyboards and others. Ajax StarterKit 2 signalling kit devices work with Ethernet and GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz and are based on the Jeweler radio protocol for transmitting information at 868 MHz. And thanks to the particular Wings protocol, photo-verification of alarms are sent. The user is informed about the occurrence of alarm situations by push notifications, phone calls or SMS. Set-up and maintenance of the set devices are carried out using a mobile application for iOS or Android. It is also possible to remotely control the security system with a Ajax SpaceControl key fob with four buttons. The wireless sensors of the alarm set are installed at a distance from the control panel in the line of sight up to 2000 meters. Pings constantly check the performance of devices with a selected period in the range of 12-300 seconds. The motion detection distance of the MotionProtect motion sensor is up to 12 meters at a viewing angle of 88.5° horizontally and 80° vertically. The detector does not work when an animal weighs up to 20 kg and is up to 50 cm tall, moves in the field of action. The DoorProtect opening sensor is triggered when the opening gap increases more than 2 cm. panic button. The control panel has a built-in Li-Ion 2 A/h battery. When the internal AC 110-240V power supply is disconnected from the communication line, it will provide the alarm control panel with 16 hours of backup power. CR123A batteries power the sensors, and CR2032 batteries power the key fob. The life of sensors on one battery is up to 7 years.

The primary purpose of the Ajax StarterKit 2 alarm set

Ajax StarterKit 2 is one of the best security devices for organizing a wireless security system for facilities with many rooms, windows and doors. StarterKit 2 burglar alarms can be scaled up to a significant size complemented by other devices to create a complete security system with smart home functions, fire alarms and video surveillance.

Complete set of security devices Ajax StarterKit 2

StarterKit 2 security alarm set consists of the following devices:

Ajax Hub 2 control panel

The Ajax Hub 2 intelligent control panel is equipped with a powerful processor and allows you to connect up to 100 wireless devices and up to 25 surveillance cameras to the system. The detectors connected to the control panel determine the leakage of gas, water, smoke, the opening of windows or doors, the movement of a person. Incident alerts are sent to the owner's phone, and it is also possible to connect directly to the control panel of the security organization. If signal jamming is detected, the Ajax security system switches the operation of the devices to free frequencies. The alarm control panel is completely protected from viruses at the software level.

Wireless Motion Detector for Alarms MotionProtect

The Ajax MotionProtect IR sensor reacts to human movements from the first steps and is immune to animals. This principle of operation eliminates the possibility of false positives. The sensitivity of the Ajax MotionProtect wireless motion sensor is adjustable within three levels, the range is within 12 meters, the horizontal viewing angle is 88.5 °C, and the vertically — 80 °C. The radio signal transmission power is adaptive — the closer the motion detector is installed to the intelligent control panel, the less energy is spent on data transmission. The device is powered by a battery that lasts up to 7 years without replacement.

Wireless door sensor DoorProtect

The Ajax DoorProtect opening sensor is a magnetic contact device that allows you to fix the opening of the sashes of a window, door, gate or other similar objects by 1-2 cm. The communication range of the sensor with the control panel is up to 1200 meters in open areas and several floors indoors. Two-way communication between devices is encrypted and protected from data spoofing. The DoorProtect opening sensor consists of two modules: a magnet is attached to the movable side, and a green indicator and a reed switch, which is designed to operate more than 1 million times — to the fixed side. Installation of the opening sensor is possible on any door and window, including a metal base. A CR123A battery is installed to support operation and should be replaced 5-7 years after a low battery warning. There is a connector for connecting external sensors from third-party manufacturers.

Wireless remote control for security alarms Ajax SpaceControl

The Ajax SpaceControl key fob is a small remote control for alarms with feedback. There is an alarm button, arming, disarming. The remote control operates at an operating frequency of 868-868.6 MHz. The communication range is up to 1300 m in an open space without barriers or on several business centre floors. Due to signal authentication, it cannot be intercepted and replaced. The signals are encrypted based on the AES algorithm.

Backup communication channels for Ajax StarterKit 2 signalling devices

The GSM module of the control panel Hub 2 supports two Micro-SIM 2G. Ethernet is also used for the Internet connection. Thanks to Jeweller radio technology, alarms are sent instantly, with protection against interference, interception, jamming and substitution by intruders. Ajax Hub 2 can transmit photo confirmations over a 2G network and deliver a series of images even if the connection speed is only 0.5 Kbps, unlike video surveillance.

Installation and configuration of devices of the Ajax StarterKit 2 security kit

All StarterKit 2 alarm kit devices are ready for operation immediately after being removed from the box — the batteries are pre-installed, and the standard settings are registered. Installation takes place on the SmartBracket mount, which allows you to install the entire kit in a short time. Security system sensors communicate with control panels at a distance of up to 2 km or within several floors of a building. Thanks to Jeweller's energy-efficient radio technology, Ajax sensors work without recharging with every minute pings for seven years. Sensors are connected to the system by reading a QR code on the device body, and settings are made through the Ajax application. Fifty users with different access levels can arm and disarm the system to receive alarms and notifications.

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