StarterKit Cam Plus

StarterKit Cam Plus

Basic security system setup with visual alarm verifications and LTE support
16,799 UAH
VAT included

For intrusion detection and prevention

  • Apartment
  • Private home
  • Office building
  • Store
  • Warehouse
  • Factory

Instant info on what caused an alarm

Communication with the outer world is critical for a security system. It defines the speed of reaction to potential threats. Hub 2 Plus controls the StarterKit Cam Plus system. It is equipped with Ethernet port, Wi-Fi module, and 2 SIM cards supporting LTE. Four channels back up each other to guarantee continuous instant alarm communication. Moreover, they allow Ajax to deliver photo verifications to alarm monitoring companies and users in less than 9 seconds. Even over a cellular network.
Instant info on what caused an alarm

For projects of any complexity

StarterKit Cam Plus is the core of a multi-level security system. Hub 2 Plus can manage 200 devices: motion detectors with photo verification of events and sirens, fire and leak detectors, automation relays, even integration modules with wired devices.

With StarterKit Cam Plus, engineers can add 200 users to the system and create 25 security groups — to divide large premises into zones and organize access. And 64 automation scenarios to lower the impact of a human factor on security.
devices in a system
security groups
35 km2
maximum radio range coverage with 5 ReX

StarterKit Cam Plus consists of four devices

Hub 2 Plus

Hub 2 Plus

The hub controls all security system devices. When detectors identify threats, it informs an alarm monitoring company and users with push-notifications, SMS, and calls.


Motion detector spots trespassers the moment they step on a protected property and takes a series of photos.


Detector reacts to opening instantly. This is the first line of protection of a security system. It can be installed on any door type.

Ajax SpaceControl Jeweller

The key fob arms and disarms your home. It allows users to call for help in one click in case of an emergency.

Extend your security system arsenal

Choose the most suitable Ajax set in 2 minutes

Tell us what you need to protect and we will put together a set of detectors and devices for your premises.

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Ajax StarterKit Cam Plus burglar alarm kit

Security systems are designed to detect intruders in the protected area and to inform about the incident. With the help of an alarm system, users can avoid the effects of fires, burglary, or leaks of gas and water. To choose an alarm system, users need to understand what types are used in different kinds of rooms and what tasks they perform. Alarm systems differ in their response to triggers. The first type of alert is audible. Reports alarm bells and sirens at the facility. The second is light, which informs about the incident with LED devices or signal lamps. The third type is combined alarms, which use light and sound. In addition to alarm detectors, the kits of security devices include:
  1. Reception and control devices (PKP) and panels;
  2. sensors (detectors) of the various principles of action;
  3. equipment for transmitting information to the security control panel (PCO) or the user's phone;
  4. power supplies;
  5. keyboards for arming and disarming;
  6. keychains for control and automation.
If the burglar alarm does not provide the ability to remotely transmit alarm messages to the user's phone or remote control, this is an autonomous security system. This variation of the alarm is considered the least effective for protecting the territory. There are also wired and wireless alarm systems. Wired data transmission takes place over telephone lines. Modern notification systems are primarily digital and, therefore, highly informative. Also, feedback of the security panel with the alarm devices on an object is possible. Wireless security systems use cellular (GSM alarm) channels or a dedicated radio channel to transmit alarm messages. In this type, the basis is to ensure control of the communication channel. If there is a failure or loss of communication, no alarm will be sent to the control panel. But it is for the full provision of power alarms are available:
  • Constant check of communication and quality of signals.
  • Transmission of a test signal from the object.

The principle of operation of the security alarm

The principle of operation of the security alarm system is based on the smooth operation of all its components. Security alarm sensors detect an attempt to enter the protected area. There are many ways to get inside a protected area or territory — opening a door, breaking a window, trying to climb over a fence. Accordingly, the principle of operation of sensors for signalling is different. According to the detection method, security sensors are as follows:
  • Motion sensors;
  • sensors for opening windows and doors;
  • break sensors.
In any case, the sensors convert the corresponding action into an electrical signal. For example, break detectors detect the sound of broken glass and are called sound or acoustic, respectively. The information generated by the detector must be received and processed. For this purpose, control panels and receiving devices are used. These devices are "intermediaries" between the sensor and alert devices. Several devices may have GSM transmitters and built-in radio channel receivers. Equally important is transmitting information from the security sensor to the receiver. There are two options:
  • Wired — overlaid communication lines.
  • Wireless — via radio.

Automatic alarm for security

Most of the processes of almost any security alarm system are automated. This concerns the issues of fixing intrusion attempts, signal processing and sending an alarm. But there are systems with such a degree of automation that they can be called intelligent. In automatic systems, it is essential to have the option of automatically monitoring the health of the alarm system. Self-testing sensors and transmitting information about their performance are implemented in addressable versions. These systems operate at the software and hardware level. The presence of a software component allows users to implement such intelligent functions as:
  • differentiation of user access rights to work with the system;
  • the ability to integrate the alarm with other security systems;
  • automatic control of equipment according to a given schedule or event.

Ajax StarterKit Cam Plus — a starter kit for the Ajax wireless security system with photo-verification of alarms

The StarterKit Cam Plus alarm set is responsible for multi-level security and the speed of response to an alarm. There are four devices in the StarterKit Cam Plus kit: the Hub 2 Plus control panel, the DoorProtect opening sensor, the motion sensor with the MotionCam camera and the Ajax SpaceControl remote control key fob.

The principle of operation of the Ajax StarterKit Cam Plus wireless alarm kit

The Ajax security system will instantly notify the user and the security company about the door breaking with photo confirmation in less than 9 seconds. Remote control from a mobile phone anywhere in the world using applications on iOS and Android allows its users to check the status of connected devices, configure sensors and activate partial protection. Up to 200 users can be connected to the alarm system, and up to 25 security groups can be created, limiting access. The Ajax StarterKit Cam Plus, a security device kit, is suitable for commercial and residential facilities. The communication range reaches 2000 meters in open areas, and the radio network covers up to 35 km². StarterKit capabilities are expanded by connecting additional Ajax sensors to the system. With their help, a professional burglar alarm system turns into a system that helps prevent burglary, fire and flood.

StarterKit Cam Plus Alarm Kit Devices

The StarterKit Cam Plus, a Wireless Photo Alarm Kit with LTE support, includes the following devices:

Hub 2 Plus smart panel

The center of the security system is the Hub 2 Plus panel, equipped with a WI-FI module, an Ethernet port and 2 SIM slots for 4G support. Thanks to four communication channels with high-speed switching, alarm transmission is guaranteed even if the communication is interrupted. Photo confirmation of the alarm arrives at the owner's device and the security control panel in less than 9 seconds. Two hundred different devices are connected to the Hub 2 Plus alarm control panel: sensors, sirens, cameras, etc. four communication channels allow the control panel to respond instantly to an alarm. In case of interruptions with one of the providers, the control panel reconnects to another channel in seconds. The Hub 2 Plus control panel helps users create up to 64 response scenarios and automates the security of a guarded area. The device can de-energise the required area, turn off the water, activate sirens and block electric locks on doors and windows. If the room is de-energized, the control panel will continue to work up to 15 hours on a backup battery. Hub 2 Plus runs on OS Malevich real-time operating system. The system protects the control panel from viruses, cyberattacks and hacking attempts.

Motion sensor MotionCam with camera

The MotionCam wireless alarm sensor detects movement and takes a series of photos. Connecting such a device to a security system helps comprehensively analyse the facility's situation. The MotionCam wireless motion detector is activated only in case of an alarm and, in a few seconds, delivers a photo confirmation to the security console or user devices. All data is encrypted during transmission and is not processed. The MotionCam motion sensor does not respond to pets under 50 cm tall, which helps to avoid false alarms. MotionCam connects to the Ajax application's alarm system, and control occurs there.

DoorProtect opening sensor

The DoorProtect wireless opening sensor will help prevent burglary and is suitable for installation on all types of doors. Thanks to the magnetic field and the reed switch, the door's opening is determined in a short time.

Remote control key fob Ajax SpaceControl

Keychain Ajax SpaceControl to control security modes. Ajax SpaceControl has a panic button to report danger.

Features of the Ajax StarterKit Cam Plus security device kit

  • Certified professional security system.
  • Protection of system devices from forgery, the presence of a tamper for opening and dismantling attempts, jamming notification.
  • Instant sending of alarms.
  • Active Ethernet link.
  • In case of interference on the air or when trying to jam, Ajax signalling devices switch to a free radio frequency and report the situation.
  • Notification of alarms via SMS, call the owner's number, push messages.
  • Connection to the control panel of the security company.
  • Animated series of photographs to assess the situation after an alert has been reported.
  • Always online, thanks to three communication channels.
  • Automation of security by scripts.
  • Encrypted radio protocols.
  • Polling sensors with a period of 12 seconds.
  • Convenient control and configuration using the app for iOS and Android.
  • Two-way communication with 24/7 monitoring of security devices.
  • Additional battery for autonomous operation of the system for 15 hours.
  • Frequency hopping to switch to a clean frequency when muted.
  • Automatic firmware update.
  • "Cloud" server for quick system configuration.

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