We believe in the future where the Internet of things and total automation have won. And this doesn’t mean SkyNet. Domestic appliances have already learned to save time and resources, so you may focus on more important things than a water heater turned on in time. Unfortunately, the latter can’t do this remotely yet. And that’s when our WallSwitch comes to the rescue.

WallSwitch is a 39 × 33 mm box that fits in a recessed outlet box. Inside is a relay that can switch at least 200 thousand times. It closes or opens remotely at the right time via the app, and switches the current on or off, respectively.WallSwitch
In the app, you can check the current and voltage in the network, and view the number of kilowatts that the device connected through WallSwitch used. The switch works in 220 V and 110 V networks. The permissible power of the connected devices differs respectively, see switch parameters for the exact values.

To ensure that the device quickly responds to the unstable operation of electric networks, we added protection against overcurrent, voltage surges, and overheating. If the voltage is too high or low, the energized relay opens. As soon as the voltage returns to normal, the relay closes automatically. The same thing happens in case of overheating.

WallSwitch works only as part of the Ajax security system, where it can execute user commands or operate automatically. The user can control WallSwitch using the app or Button. At the same time, WallSwitch can be programmed to execute a scenario: by alarm of one or several devices, or by schedule.

👉 How to create and configure a scenario in the Ajax security system

Remote power management

WallSwitch can be used to completely de-energize the premises. The device is installed into a switchboard with a DIN Holder bracket. This is especially convenient for a summer or country house: set up the schedule, and the refrigerator temperature will be at an optimum and hot water will flow from the tap upon your arrival. Open the gate and turn on the light at the entrance, all with one Button click.

Also, WallSwitch will help create the effect of your presence. Light lamps according to a schedule or upon a motion detector alarm — this will frighten off intruders.

Remote climate control

WallSwitch helps reduce electricity bills if you use a water heater, electric boiler, underfloor heating, or air conditioning without programming the switch-on time. You can start these devices remotely a few hours before you return home, or set a schedule for their work. They are not in use at all other times.

Remote flood prevention

The switch will help you avoid flooding your neighbors if a pipe bursts. To do this, you should have a water solenoid valve that shuts off water in the entire apartment or in the bathroom. It should be powered from an outlet with a switch installed. To detect leaks, you can use our LeaksProtect detector. Its alarm will shut off the water supply automatically.

Entrance door remote control

If you install an electromechanical lock, you can admit guests into the house remotely and stop using the keys. You can also close the lock, turn off the lights, or close the roller shutters automatically when the system is armed.

Remote control of roller shutters and curtains

A usual servo-drive will help close and open the curtains with one flick of a finger. And in your absence, it sounds like someone is at home.

Remote control of gates and garage doors

This will help avoid getting out of your car once again.

Remote reboot of devices

Some devices, such as a TV tuner or a switch, require periodic preventive reboots. You can use WallSwitch to do this without getting off the couch or to set a separate reboot schedule.

We recommend that you tell the installer about your wishes when installing the system. They will help implement these and other options for remote control of devices.

Any ideas about how else to use WallSwitch? Share them in the comments. We will add the most interesting ideas to our post.

👉 WallSwitch User Manual