Ajax Systems is excited to announce the product release. Three new ManualCallPoint models have been designed to activate pre-programmed automation scenarios and raise a fire alarm with just a press. In a life-endangering situation, these scenarios can open electric locks, de-energize specific appliances, turn on ventilation, and notify people of the need to evacuate.

ManualCallPoint (Green) Jeweller

Wireless resettable button featuring programmable scenarios. Green-colored version
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ManualCallPoint (Yellow) Jeweller

Wireless resettable button featuring programmable scenarios. Yellow-colored version
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ManualCallPoint (White) Jeweller

Wireless resettable button featuring programmable scenarios. White-colored version
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With this release, the ManualCallPoint product group was split into two subgroups, pinpointing the different applications and purposes. Thus, ManualCallPoint (Red) Jeweller is a button that activates the fire alarm when pressed, complies with EN 54-11, and aims to be installed in residential buildings. On the other hand, the Blue version has been shifted to Yellow, Green, and White manual call points to form a group of programmable resettable buttons that activate scenarios and can be used in any facility.

The main difference between subgroups is their default operating mode: the Red version triggers the fire alarm, while the other versions activate automation scenarios. However, all button versions have the same functionality and can be reconfigured with their operating mode in Ajax apps.

All ManualCallPoint versions are now available for order.

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How it works

ajax manualcallpoint

In Scenario Trigger mode, ManualCallPoint performs simple tasks like opening an electric lock or powering off an appliance, as well as orchestrating a complex chain of actions involving dozens of relays, smart sockets, and switches. The configuration of automation scenarios is managed in Ajax apps, all plain and intuitive.

In Fire Alarm mode, pressing ManualCallPoint activates the built-in sirens of all fire detectors in the system. Additionally, the button can also activate intrusion sirens. An alarm is instantly sent to users and the central monitoring station (CMS).

The button does not require regular manual testing: a self-test system automatically reports the device state to the hub. After activation, the button must be manually released using the key (included in the complete set).

Key features:

  • Two operating modes — Scenario Trigger and Fire Alarm.
  • Scenarios involving different types of Ajax automation devices: Relay Jeweller, WallSwitch Jeweller, MultiRelay Fibra, LightSwitch Jeweller, Outlet Jeweller, Socket Jeweller, and WaterStop Jeweller.
  • A reliable button-press mechanism designed for 500+ presses throughout its lifecycle.
  • Stable operation for up to 7 years with pre-installed batteries.
  • Up to 1,700 m of wireless communication with the hub and twice as much with a range extender.
  • The transparent front lid prevents accidental button pressing.
  • Informative push notifications and detailed event log in Ajax apps.
  • Automatic self-diagnosis with state reporting to the hub.
  • All essential parameters are monitored: button and tamper state, communication status, and power supply.
  • Іnstallation without disassembling the enclosure on a SmartBracket mounting panel.
  • Pairing with the system via QR code.
  • Remote configuration without site visits.

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