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Solutions to any challenge

Ajax Systems has created a comprehensive ecosystem that covers security and comfort, fire safety, video surveillance, and leak protection. All Ajax product lines — Baseline, Fibra, and Superior — are mutually compatible, which allows building comprehensive systems of any configuration and covering facilities of any size. All the product lines are compliant with important local and international standards.

  • Wireless, wired, and hybrid solutions

  • Various certifications in a single product

  • Cutting-edge hardware

  • Unrivaled user experience

  • Control of the entire system in Ajax apps

  • Hassle-free installation

Investment in partners’ success

Ajax Systems is interested in its partners’ success and generously shares its expertise and experience. Join Partner Portal to access your business analytics and efficiency metrics, improve your skills in working with our solutions at Ajax Academy, and more. Also, attend Ajax offline and online events to keep up with product releases and meet other industry experts.

Marketing support and tools to boost your sales

Become an Authorized Ajax partner and get access to not only selling top-class products but also a variety of tools for your business growth. You receive ready-to-use marketing materials, useful webtools, and online and offline channels for growing the brand awareness of your business.

Ajax Systems shares its marketing expertise and provides its partners with up-to-date marketing materials about all Ajax solutions. We also offer guidance on using Ajax branding to create ads, drive sales, and attract new customers.

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Marketing materials

Each Ajax partner has a dedicated page on the Ajax Systems’ website. Provide basic information about your services, highlight special offers, and benefit from an additional channel of attracting new clients.

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Where to buy

Authorized Ajax partners have the option to place their logo on the main screen of the Ajax mobile app and increase brand awareness daily. In turn, the partners’ clients can access the account status and contact information in a single tap on a screen.

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Co-branded app

Security service providers can print their logo and contact information on the front panel of an outdoor siren. Located at the building, it will serve as an additional marketing tool to reach new customers: neighbors and visitors.

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Support and guidance 24/7

Whenever you have a technical issue or question about Ajax products, you can count on receiving professional assistance. The support team is available 24/7 and offers help via phone, email, a form on the website, and Telegram. Get a detailed and relevant answer to your request even while working on-site.


support via phone, email, website, and Telegram

20 s

response time to a call


Trustpilot rating

1,5 h

response time to an email from a key account

< 2 min

response time via Telegram

3 h

response time to an email from a regular account or end-user

Pre-sale support for large projects

If you are dealing with a large project and need help finding an ideal Ajax solution, a pre-sale team is there for you. These managers assist in solving complicated technical challenges. The team is ready to share in-depth insights and even help with a sales pitch or a presentation.


Warranty and maintenance

Ajax Systems has done its best to make sure you are satisfied with Ajax devices. But if problems occur, we will resolve them as quickly as possible. You can file a warranty claim, requesting warranty maintenance of any device manufactured by the Limited Liability Company “Ajax Systems Manufacturing” within two years from the date of purchase. Only equipment purchased from authorized Ajax Systems partners will be considered. Please, contact our customer support team before filing your claim. In 70% of the cases, technical issues are resolved remotely.

Solutions and tools for effortless integrations with Ajax

Connecting Ajax to monitoring software

Thanks to an integration with Ajax Cloud, engineers can easily configure Ajax system's events in the format supported by the company's CMS. There is also no need to install extra utility programs on company premises.

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Connecting Ajax to monitoring software

Ajax PRO: Tool for Engineers

Ajax PRO is a mobile app for the installation and monitoring business. Facilities profiling, remote configuration, alarm monitoring, photo verification, staff administering, and a detailed event log — all in one intuitive interface.

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Ajax PRO: Tool for Engineers

Ajax PRO Desktop

Ajax PRO Desktop allows administering hundreds of thousands of security systems in a single desktop app. Thanks to the integration with Ajax Cloud and low system requirements, it doesn't demand powerful servers or equipment, dedicated IPs, or a system administrator on staff. The app is easy to master and manage.

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Ajax PRO Desktop

Enterprise API

Ajax products are integrated into third-party applications, services, billing, and CRM systems using the Enterprise API. Such an integration at the software level allows partner companies to launch additional services and implement new business models that quickly pay for themselves and increase profits.

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Enterprise API

Ajax SIM

A pre-installed Ajax SIM card is a source of recurring revenue for Ajax partners. It ensures robust mobile communication and reliable event and alarm transmission. Each SIM is hub-specific and can't be used elsewhere.

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Ajax SIM

Ajax web tools

Ajax Systems is committed to making the work of professionals more efficient. For this reason, we constantly develop helpful web tools. Configure an Ajax system and plan large-scale projects easily and fast.

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Ajax web tools

Top industry players in all over the world choose Ajax solutions

G4S Security Services A/S

Company Name: G4S Security Services A/S

Country: Denmark

Years working with Ajax: 3.5

At G4S Denmark, we place great importance on choosing partners who comprehend our business model. With Ajax Systems, we are confident in our selection of an innovative partner, the one that will help us maintain a strong competitive edge with 1,000+ installations per month and 24/7 support. The quality in terms of effective installation and very low rate of faulty products have been a significant improvement to our overall performance.

Mikkel Torsting, Director of Private business sector

Sheriff LTD

Company Name: Sheriff LTD

Country: Ukraine

Years working with Ajax: 8.5

Throughout our 8-year-long partnership, 4 out of 5 customers have chosen Ajax systems, resulting in substantial reductions in Sheriff's operational costs and response times. Remarkably, Ajax accounts for only 10% of total false alarms, with the remaining 90% attributed to solutions of other vendors.

Dmytro Stryzhov, CEO


Company Name: HomeSecure

Country: Ireland

Years working with Ajax: 5

Partnering with Ajax was a significant turning point for our business. Since 2019, we have doubled our customer base and are consistently achieving over 97% in our customer satisfaction scores. Customers love the sleek, modern design and the ease of the Ajax app. As a result of working with Ajax, our engineers complete more installations per day due to the ease of use of the system and excellent product support that they offer.

Hugh Ryan, Managing Director

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