FireProtect 2 AC (Heat) Jeweller

FireProtect 2 AC (Heat) Jeweller

Wireless mains-powered fire detector with heat sensor

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Against invisible threats

FireProtect 2 AC is a mains-powered detector designed for residential fire safety. Two thermistors quickly react to the synthetic materials’ burning. Everything meets the latest fire safety standards. Thought-out design, improved mounting panel with WAGO 221 connectors, and in-app settings make the installation process nice and easy, giving an ultimate experience for PRO.

Discover FireProtect 2 AC (Heat) Jeweller

Wireless mains-powered fire detector with heat sensor

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Key features

Two types of interconnected fire alarm

Interconnected fire alarm

Primary: via an Ajax hub, an alarm in 20s

Heat sensor

Two thermistors

Two thermistor


with an adjustable rotation angle

Power supply

Easy wiring

with WAGO 221

Easy writing

Main power supply

110–240 V~

Backup battery

Power supply
85 dB

85 dB built-in siren

Jeweller radio communication

Jeweller and Wings
Remote control

Remote control and configuration

Operates as part of the Ajax system or without pairing with an Ajax hub

Informative in-app notifications

Ajax logo


Home: Rapid temperature rise detected, FireProtect 2 in Kitchen

Ajax logo


Home: Photo by scenario taken, MotionCam (PhOD) in Kitchen

Two colours

Two colours

Up to 1,700 m

range of communication with an Ajax hub

Devices compatibility

Wherever there is a risk of fire





Home office

Home office



Discover future-proof hardware

Future proof hardware

Even when it's fire without smoke

FireProtect 2 is equipped with two class A1R thermistors to detect smokeless fire threats. They give a significant advantage in detecting a rapid temperature rise when synthetic materials burn, or a fire starts from smoldering. Thermistors are located outside the enclosure to eliminate life-saving detection delays. So, FireProtect 2 AC is ready to detect a fire as fast as possible, even if it starts imperceptibly.

Heat alarm

  • 10°C increase in temperature within a minute
  • Exceeding +64°C
Fire alarm

Stable performance for a decade

The detector is powered by 110–240 V~ mains and has a sealed battery to serve as a backup. Even in a power outage, the detector keeps operating smoothly. Designed for the quick and reliable fire detection over its 10-year lifespan.

Stable power supply

Always informed, everywhere

For residential fire alarm systems, informing people about fire danger is the priority. FireProtect 2 is equipped with a powerful 85 dB siren to eliminate the risk of missing an alarm. The detector uses impossible-to-ignore tones with different patterns to indicate an alarm or event, so it’s easy to recognize the type of threat and react accordingly.


Different sound and LED indications

Heat alarms


Low battery level

End of life

Enhanced wireless interconnection

All FireProtect 2 AC detectors can synchronously notify about the fire alarm in two ways: primary and fallback . In case of danger, the initiating detector sends a fire alarm to the hub. The hub initiates the primary interconnect: all fire detectors will activate the built-in sirens in 20 seconds — three times faster than the fire standard requires. All information is immediately available in Ajax apps: initiating detector’s location, alarm type, and exact time. If there is no connection with the hub, the initiating detector activates the fallback interconnection bydirectly sending the alarm to other fire detectors. It takes only 1 minute to raise an alarm.

Primary interconnected alarm

20 seconds to activate up to 200 fire detectors

Fallback interconnected alarm from detector

Less than a minute to activate up to 50 fire detectors

Unleash the Ajax power

The Ajax smart and complex ecosystem brings new standards to the fire safety industry. FireProtect 2 AC is ready to protect your home without an Ajax hub but can do even more when connected to it. Intuitive Ajax apps provide remote setup and all detector information in real-time from anywhere the Internet is available, on a smartphone or PC. With instant notifications, there is no chance of missing a fire alert, and scenarios let you automate fire security to enhance home protection while you’re away. A complete set with stable wireless communication — essential reliability tested over the years by nearly two million users.

Full monitoring for the building

The system instantly notifies about alarms with the critical alerts from the Ajax apps. Security companies and users know exactly which device triggered, when and where it happened. The system controls each device state and reports if there is a malfunction or it's time to replace the batteries.

Detailed event log

The event log records 500 recent events within the system. The data is explicit with the device, time, and description of the event. It helps reconstruct the actual event and find the causes to obtain comprehensive information for firefighters or an insurance company.

Detailed event log

Monitoring with PRO Desktop

With PRO Desktop, building administration staff can observe not only security but Ajax fire detectors for instant reaction to alarms. Device statuses, event log, batteries data — the CMS operator has a complete picture in one intuitive interface, all informative and centralized. The installation engineer can remotely change the settings and provide services in time.

PRO Desktop

Advanced automation for greater safety

Ajax fire detectors are a part of the Ajax ecosystem and can interact with automation devices and PhOD detectors of the MotionCam lineup through scenarios. In the case of a fire alarm, the WallSwitch relay de-energizes the house, and Relay activates emergency lights. At the same time, MotionCam (PhOD) sends pictures into Ajax apps to identify the cause of the alarm. The result is a reliable combination of security and automation that works as a Swiss watch.

To find out the situation at the protected facility and quickly respond to it.

Photo evidence of fire

Fire detected


FireProtect 2


MotionCam (PhOD)


Cause of fire

To power off the possible cause of the fire and protect appliances from the consequences of firefighting.

Power supply control

Fire detected


FireProtect 2




Mains power-off




Emergency lights on

To speed up people’s evacuation and ease firefighters' access to the building.

Electric locks unlocking

Fire detected


FireProtect 2




Emergency exits unlocked

Unique wireless technologies


Unique wireless technologies

The Ajax system uses two-way secure radio communication based on the Jeweller proprietary protocol. It supports block cipher encryption and device authentication on every session with the hub to prevent sabotage, spoofing, or data theft.

Up to 1,700 m of radio communication with a hub

Encrypted two-way radio communication

Notifications about jamming and connection loss

Scaled and comprehensive

For complex radio signal conditions like large houses with thick walls or warehouses with several buildings, there is the ReX range extender. It boosts the range of all Ajax devices and manages their communication with the hub via Jeweller. And ReX 2 assures stable communication even through steel and concrete via Ethernet using the wire as the additional communication channel. Up to 5 range extenders can operate within one Ajax system to expand the network twice as big, covering underground parking, basements, and metal hangars.

Up to 5 range extenders within one system

Ethernet as an alternative communication channel

Sleek wiring with CableTrunk accessory

CableTrunk is a solution for safe and aesthetic joining between the Ajax mains-powered FireProtect 2 AC and cable trunking. Run power wires to the side of the detector while preserving the neat look of the ceiling.


Effortless installation and maintenance

FireProtect 2 AC is ready to operate straight out of the box. It takes only 90 seconds to install the detector with no need to disassemble the enclosure. The upgraded SmartBracket mounting panel now has the lever-actuated WAGO 221 connectors familiar to every industry expert. An installer can wire the power supply without a screwdriver, secure the detector on ceilings, and level it at 90° angles after mounting.

The device is paired with the hub by scanning the QR code in the Ajax apps. And it can always be reconfigured remotely without site visits. A self-test system automatically diagnoses sensors and reports their state to the hub. Testing can also be run manually anytime in the app or by pressing the detector front panel.

Pairing with the hub via QR code


SmartBracket with the WAGO 221 connectors to secure the wires without screwdriver


Configuring and testing in the mobile or desktop apps


The dustproof smoke chamber that does not require cleaning


Ajax product lines

Superior, Fibra, and Baseline product lines are mutually compatible. This opens up numerous possibilities for building systems of any configuration.