Wireless alarm starter kits

Wireless alarm starter kits

StarterKit is a wireless alarm kit that includes motion and opening detectors, an alarm keyfob, and a hub to control the system. This equipment is enough to protect the entrance. As soon as an attacker opens the door, the system activates an alarm, notifying users and a security company. In case of intrusion, the alarm kit with a MotionCam detector sends a photo confirmation.

StarterKit uses several communication channels: at least GSM and Ethernet. Kits with Wi-Fi support and two SIM cards can have up to four independent communication channels with users and a monitoring station. New Ajax devices can expand any of the starter kits.

StarterKit Cam Plus

Security system starter kit with photo verification of alarms and LTE support
Hub 2 Plus control panel
MotionCam motion detector
DoorProtect opening detector
Ajax SpaceControl alarm key fob
16,799 UAH
Recommended price
VAT included

StarterKit Cam

Security system starter kit with photo verification of alarms
Hub 2 (2G) control panel
MotionCam motion detector
DoorProtect opening detector
Ajax SpaceControl alarm key fob
12,699 UAH
Recommended price
VAT included


Security system starter kit
Hub control panel
MotionProtect motion detector
DoorProtect opening detector
Ajax SpaceControl alarm key fob
8,799 UAH
Recommended price
VAT included

StarterKit 2

Security system starter kit with photo verification support
Hub 2 (2G) control panel
MotionProtect motion detector
DoorProtect opening detector
Ajax SpaceControl alarm key fob
10,399 UAH
Recommended price
VAT included

Add to your starter kit

Fire detectors

Wireless detectors to activate an alarm when smoke, rapid temperature rise, or dangerous concentration of carbon monoxide in a premise is recognized.

Leak detectors

Small detectors that are easy to place under a bath, sink, dishwasher, or washing machine. By the first sign of a leak, the system notifies users and a security company.

Automation devices

Smart sockets and relays that eliminate routine actions and automate security. Configure scenarios to switch on lights by schedule, close electric locks in response to an alarm, or lower roller shutters when arming.

Security equipment starter kits

Security alarm starter kits are sets of equipment that control the security inside and outside the premises: private houses, offices, commercial premises and others.

What devices does the starter kit of equipment for the security system consist of

The basic set of security alarm devices includes the following devices:

  1. Security control panel.
  2. A set of sensors: motion, window and door openings, glass break sensors. Some security systems allow you to supplement the burglar alarm with flood and fire sensors.

Additionally are used:

  1. Devices for managing the security system — key fobs, keyboards. Modern security systems allow you to control devices using applications for PC or phones, but specialized devices are often more convenient and easier (depending on where the alarm is installed).
  2. Light or sound detectors — sirens that help frighten off an intruder from the scene and attract the attention of neighbors

The price of a basic set of security alarms depends on the number of devices and their types.

Types of alarm kits

There are two main types of security systems, these are wired devices and wireless. Wired alarm devices are connected to the control panel with cables and require wiring at the initial stage of repair.

The wireless security system works by transmitting data over a radio channel. Installation of the system is possible even in the completed repair.

The burglar alarm can be used as a self-monitoring system or connected to a central monitoring station (CMS) of a security company. The first option involves self-control of the situation in the guarded room. The user receives all alarms on a mobile phone, he is also responsible for the response to the incident.

The second option of the security alarm involves the reaction to the incident by professionals. The alarm signal is received not only by the user, but also by the security company, which is obliged to immediately respond to the event.

Another important criterion for choosing a set of security devices is the installation location. There are security systems for indoor and outdoor installation. The latter are often protected from rain, dust and other external factors.

Who needs a burglar alarm

A burglar alarm is needed in any type of premises where there is a possibility of burglary and theft, the main reasons to install a security system are:

  1. Preservation of expensive things, securities, intellectual property inside the building.
  2. The room is located on the first or last floor.
  3. You can enter the building through a window, balcony, etc.
  4. The location of the building is classified as unsafe.
  5. The place is often empty.

If you supplement the basic set of security alarms with flood and fire sensors, you can get full-fledged protection of the premises also from unforeseen situations.

Why you should choose ready-made security equipment kits

Ready-made sets of security equipment have the following advantages:

  • By purchasing a set of security equipment, you get a base of devices that provide comprehensive protection against intrusions. Often with the ability to expand the burglar alarm to a security system with more functionality.
  • Choosing a kit is easier than choosing the components separately. Kit manufacturers include everything you need in the kits.
  • It is easier to install a set of security devices than to mount the elements separately at different time intervals.

Ready-made security equipment kits from Ajax

The Ajax security system offers several sets of security equipment: StarterKit Cam Plus, StarterKit Cam, StarterKit Plus and StarterKit. These kits can be expanded over time to a broad spectrum security system.

What security devices are included in Ajax starter kits

The basis of the security system for the premises is formed by such devices:

  1. Alarm control panel.
  2. Motion sensors (with camera for photo confirmation of alarms or without).
  3. Window and door opening sensors.
  4. Key fob for easy control of the security system.

What to add to the alarm starter kit

In order for the premises to be protected from fire and flood, the system is supplemented with flood and fire sensors. The devices will detect a threat in minutes and send an alert to security users.

For convenient arming and disarming of the alarm system, the security system is supplemented with control devices, these are key fobs, as well as security keyboards. The alarm keypad allows you to control the system using a lock code or contactless cards.

Sirens can also be used to signal an emergency at the scene. When the alarm control panel receives an alarm signal from one of the system’s sensors, sirens are activated in parallel with informing the owners. A security system with sound or light detectors will scare away an intruder and draw the attention of neighbors to the incident.

Specialists of a security company will help you choose a kit for a particular type of premises. Installation of security equipment should be entrusted to experienced installation engineers. Installation company professionals know all the nuances of installing security system devices and suitable places for this.

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