We’re introducing 12–24V PSU for Hub 2/Hub 2 Plus/ReX 2, the updated version of an alternative power supply unit to connect an Ajax hub or range extender to an 8-24V⎓ power supply. This new PSU replaces the previous version, which is 12V PSU for Hub 2/ReX 2.

The upgraded packaging includes the schematic image of the new PSU, the full product name, and the input voltage range. Order the new 12–24V PSU from Ajax Systems partners.

The new 12–24V PSU is compatible with Hub 2, Hub 2 Plus, and ReX 2.

Use 12V PSU for Hub/Hub Plus/ReX if you work with Hub, Hub Plus, or ReX.

Where to buy

What’s changed

ajax 12 24v psu

The main difference between the new 12–24V PSU and the previous version is compatibility with the Hub 2 Plus control panel and the ability to work with an input voltage of 24 V⎓. This significantly expands the capabilities of security and installation companies. Ajax can now protect trucks and vans with their cabs and cargo beds from intruders.

Why use 12–24V PSU

ajax 12 24v psu

There are two reasons:

  • The protected object has no stable electricity: empty buildings, houses in the countryside, construction sites, or warehouses.
  • The object does not provide power supply from the 100–230 V~ main: vans, motorhomes, camper trailers, or yachts.

With this PSU, you can connect a hub or radio signal range extender to a portable battery, car battery, uninterruptible power supply (with a backup battery) or even to an in-vehicle network.

With a pre-installed bundled battery and without an additional power source, Ajax hubs work for up to 16 hours, and range extenders for up to 38 hours. Instead of the bundled power supply unit, use 12–24V PSU and an uninterruptible power supply with a 9 Ah battery, and the system will run autonomously for over a week.

ajax 12 24v psu

Read the customer story of Portugalenses Transportes as an example of the non-standard use of PSUs. Integrating the power supply units of the 12V PSU series, the transport company managed to protect its trucks from fuel theft.

Also, the Ajax product portfolio includes 6V PSU. This device is compatible with Hub 2, Hub 2 Plus, and ReX 2.

What about the previous version of PSU

We are no longer producing and shipping 12V PSU for Hub 2/ReX 2. Technical support and warranty service remain valid.

Instead of the previous version, order a new 12–24V PSU from Ajax Systems official partners. This product has upgraded packaging so that users and partners can easily distinguish the latest version from the previous one.

Production and supply of 12V PSU for Hub/Hub Plus/ReX remains unchanged.

All about new 12–24V PSU

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