New opportunities for security business with Ajax PSU

New opportunities for security business with Ajax PSU

According to the Grand View Research, Inc. report, the global security market will exceed USD 167 billion by 2025. Hundreds of thousands of security companies and installers compete for their niche in this market.

Competition drives the search for new business segments, and providing security at premises with no, low-voltage, or unstable power supply may become one of them. RVs, caravans, and yachts require protection no less than any other property. Empty houses are vulnerable to looters or unauthorized settlers (squatters), not to mention “standard” emergencies such as flooding or fires.

The lack of electricity ceases to be a problem since alternative Ajax power supply units allow connecting the hub or radio signal range extender to a low-voltage power supply. This ensures professional protection of the object for years to come and opens up new opportunities in providing security services.

Why you need a security system

The Ajax security system deters burglars, detects fires, prevents flooding, and monitors the microclimate. Ajax apps instantly notify users and the security company about any threats, and MotionCam detectors or Ajax cameras send visual verification.

The system detects jamming and utilizes a sabotage-proof, two-way radio or wired communication. The range of Ajax wireless technologies reaches up to 2,000 m without obstacles, allowing control of objects such as a three-story building. Additionally, radio signal range extenders expand the coverage of a single system to the size of a stadium.

Why you need PSU

ajax psu

With PSU, Ajax features are available on the premises with no or unstable power supply. PSU is installed inside the hub or radio signal range extender enclosure instead of a standard 110/230 V~ power supply unit, allowing to connect devices an external power source or a low-voltage power grid. The Ajax product line has several PSU models designed for different hubs and range extenders: 

These products open up a new niche for security companies and installers. Now, Ajax systems can be installed and maintained at facilities that used to go unnoticed by the security industry.

How to install Ajax PSU

Step-by-step instructions for replacing a standard 110/230 V~ power supply unit with an alternative in Ajax hubs and range extenders.

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For empty properties

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Such objects include legally owned empty houses or "mothballed" summer cottages with the power supply turned off. Frozen or active construction sites are also require protection of the territory, materials, and equipment.

It is precisely these objects that attract vandals, burglars, and squatters, who can damage the property, and provoke fires or flooding.

Ajax system is designed to help protect both properties and the peace of mind of their owners. A hub, connected to an external battery through a 6V PSU (type A), will notify the security company and users in case of an alarm. The MotionCam detectors capture a series of photos when triggered, while the PhOD versions capture photos in case any device is triggered, allowing for a better assessment of the threat.

The LeaksProtect Jeweller leak detector notifies about flooding, and the WaterStop Jeweller, a smart water shutoff valve, quickly responds to alarms and stops the water supply to the house running automation scenarios.

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During winter, empty houses often lack heating, which can lead to frozen pipes and potential bursts, especially in colder regions. The LifeQuality Jeweller air quality detector provides accurate temperature readings indoors, while automation scenarios help maintain the temperature within a normal range, simultaneously minimizing energy consumption. As a result, homeowners can avoid damages and losses caused by frozen pipes.

With pre-installed batteries, Ajax devices can operate for a range of 2 to 10 years, depending on the specific device and settings. With Ajax, homeowners get 24/7 monitoring for many years with no effort.

At the warehouse

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Keeping warehouses without a stable power supply under control is easy with Ajax. With 12–24V PSUs, you can significantly increase the battery life of the system by connecting the hub or radio signal range extenders to portable batteries.

Up to five radio signal range extenders can operate within one Ajax system, extending the radio communication coverage to the size of a stadium. ReX 2 Jeweller range extender connects to the hub not only via radio but also via Ethernet using the wire as the only or additional communication channel. This enables the protection of even large warehouses or sectional metal hangars without the risk of radio signal attenuation.

In RVs, vans, trucks, and trailers

RVs, trucks, caravans, and trailers are among the business opportunities that Ajax PSU opens up. Connect the hub to a portable or car battery and insert a SIM. The system is ready to go on the road with the driver. The hub usually consumes less than 100 mA, so a standard car battery can last 1-2 months without recharging.

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On a yacht

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Simply insert a SIM card and connect the hub to the onboard network or battery to let Ajax reliably protect the yacht at the pier.

Unwanted guests can pose a threat not only to the lives of people on board but also to valuable electronics, equipment, and even the vessel itself. Insurance is an excellent way to ensure peace of mind, but it’s not the only solution. A professional security system will do the job better and possibly at a lower cost.

In trucks and vans


With the 12-24V PSU units, the Ajax system can be installed in large cargo trucks. This ensures that intruders won't be able to break into the driver's cabin or cargo compartment. On top of that, transport companies gain a solution to protect fuel tanks and can potentially reduce fuel theft by 10 times.


Smart security systems respond to threats, and smart security companies respond to market challenges and look for opportunities to get ahead in an extremely competitive environment. Ajax PSU is easy to operate and gives distributors, integrators, security system vendors, and installers a fresh look at their business prospects.

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