Hub 2 Plus: Protection made absolute

Hub 2 Plus: Protection made absolute

Hub 2 Plus is a master of communication among Ajax hubs. The new hub supports Wi-Fi and three mobile communication standards, including LTE, a 4G technology comparable in speed and reliability to Ethernet. This increases the speed of visual alarm verification, improves response efficiency, and sets a new standard in the security industry. But improvements in the new hub have affected more than the connection. Hub 2 Plus supports 200 devices, 100 cameras, 200 users, and 64 scenarios, making it the most suited solution to protect an object of any size and complexity. And a new processor and increased memory capacity will keep Hub 2 Plus ahead of the competition for a long time.

Always connected

Four independent channels — Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and two SIM cards — prevent the risk of a connection failure at two levels simultaneously: physical (the wired connection protects against the loss of the wireless and vice versa) and service provider (each channel may have its own internet service provider). If connection problems occur, switching between channels will take place automatically and immediately.

Always prepared for danger

We paid special attention to the Hub 2 Plus connection speed so that delivery of an animated series of photos from MotionCam motion detectors to users’ smartphones and to the monitoring stations takes seconds even via mobile internet. Photos from the MotionCam are transferred to the Hub 2 Plus via the Wings encrypted radio protocol, and the fastest available internet connection is used for delivery from the hub to the recipient.

MotionCam cannot be activated on demand; the detector only takes pictures in the event of an alarm. This is a matter of our users’ privacy, and there is no place for compromises.

In terms of its own safety, the Hub 2 Plus relies on Ajax Systems’ time-proven signature technologies. The hub runs on a real-time operating system—OS Malevich—which is protected against malfunctions and cyber-attacks, and, for communication of the system devices, Hub 2 Plus uses Jeweller — an encrypted radio protocol for a two-way communication. Jeweller transmits alarms in 0.15 seconds and switches to the backup frequency in case of interference. An encrypted communication and a real-time operating system make hacking the Hub 2 Plus a futile task.

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More scenarios

With Hub 2 Plus, users can create up to 64 scenarios that automate security and help minimize the impact of human error. Close roller shutters when arming, shut off the water supply in case of a flood, or diffuse the potential cause of fire — all these tasks can be entrusted to Hub 2 Plus. Scenarios can be launched by alarm, by schedule, or pressing Button.

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More features

Largescale is the second name of Hub 2 Plus. Support for up to 200 users and devices, 100 video cameras, 25 groups, and 5 radio signal range extenders makes it a universal solution for protection of both apartments and business centers.

Compared to the Hub 2, the Hub 2 Plus has a 4.5 times more powerful processor and 8 times more memory. This lays a solid foundation for future system development through the OS Malevich updates. The upgrade process is completed over the air in minutes and does not require intervention of an installation engineer or a user.

Convenience that has become a brand

There are no keyboards on Ajax hubs — everything is managed through the app. We developed an easy-to-use app for end users as well as separate apps for professionals, which take into account the needs of installation engineers and operators of security monitoring stations. Apps are available on all popular platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS.

The hub is attached to the surface using the SmartBracket mounting plate; there is no need to dismantle the control panel. To start working, simply connect the hub to a network and add it to the app by scanning a QR-code. With the help of the app, you can manage security modes, view videos from the connected cameras and the system event history, remotely manage electrical appliances, and create automation scenarios.

With the OS Malevich 2.9 release, all hubs obtained the feature of automatic data transfer from another hub. Now, transition to the Hub 2 Plus will take about 15 minutes. Without reconnecting the devices, inviting users, and configuring the system.

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