It is a basic human right to feel secure, and therefore a security system has no right to fail. Not only must a property be secure, but also people’s lives can depend on it. With such high stakes, every aspect of the system is critical. The equipment must be reliable and the device set must be chosen correctly. The installation and setup should take into account the specifics of the facility and the requirements of the user. Miss one aspect from the list, and security will be an illusion.

Modern wireless security systems seem simple. There is no need to install physical cables, devices are connected in minutes, the system is set up intuitively in a mobile app. This impression is misleading. Security system installation implies a series of mandatory steps: location study and radio signals testing, creating a plan with the correct placement of devices, installing equipment and testing detection zones, setting up, testing the system, connecting to the monitoring station, handing over the secure facility with the correct documentation to the client. Only a PRO, professional installation engineer, can quickly and correctly perform all these works.

The main value of PRO

An experienced installer has expertise to accurately identify the vulnerabilities of the facility and understands what kind of protection would work for it. A professional relies on the requirements of specialized standards, regulations, industry practices. And PRO thoroughly understands security equipment. It is PRO that turns separate devices into a reliable, stable and efficiently protecting security system.

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When handing over the facility to the client, the professional ensures that the system is ready to resist attacks. That is why monitoring stations service only professionally installed security systems, and police patrols only respond to such systems’ alarms.

PRO takes into account all the significant details

The professional installation process is organized in a way that helps identify all the aspects that are critical for the operation of security equipment in a timely manner. Before installing the system, the specialist studies the client’s requests, how and by whom the facility is used, personally examines the location and does radio signals testing. Here are just a few examples of why all this prep work is important:

A dog lives in the house. Modern professional security systems have hardware and software false alarm prevention systems. But in order for these systems to work properly, it is critical to take into account the pet existence and pet’s habits when choosing the location of detectors, as well as to set them up correctly. The PRO knows how to do it.

Walls and floors interfere with radio signals. Or, significantly reduce its quality. Considering this aspect, the PRO pays special attention choosing the hub location and strengthens the radio coverage with radio signal range extenders. In isolated rooms, wired detectors are placed and connected via the integration module.

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Outdoor security required. It cannot be done without a thorough survey of the facility and a search for potential sources of interference: low trees and bushes, reflective surfaces, ventilation outlets. PRO choose outdoor detectors and direct them to get instant detection of an intruder in the protected area without false alarms. PRO also minimizes the risk of system sabotage.

Video surveillance installation. The PRO provides the integration of video surveillance with the security system software — so that in case of alarm, users and the monitoring station can immediately see the camera streams and react in accordance with the nature of the threat.

The system requires guest access. For example, for cleaning a house when the tenants are absent. The professional will suggest installing a keypad to control the system and zoning the facility so that the cleaners can only disarm a system in certain areas — but not in the owner’s office, where important papers are stored.

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KeyPad, wireless touch keyboard

There is no power supply or it is unstable. To provide protection against burglary, flood and fire in a building during a renovation, as well as in an industrial or warehouse facility, the security system can be powered from a portable battery. And backup communication channels are provided via two SIM-cards of different mobile network operators.

There are thousands of such subtleties. Some are typical for certain facility types: a large house with a yard, a small coffee shop, an office with hundreds of employees, a 24/7 production manufacture, etc. Other nuances are determined by the customer’s requests. The value of an experienced PRO is that he knows how to implement all these “must” and “want” in the security system.

PRO determines the optimal defence

A professional installation engineer will select the optimal security system configuration for a specific apartment, house, cafe, shop, office or manufacture.

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MotionCam, motion detector with a photo camera to verify alarms

Professionally installed security systems provide control of probable ways of intruding the territory and premises, and can turn on sirens to draw attention in case of intrusion. Alarm buttons and even devices to counter intruders actively can be connected to it: automate electric locks and roller shutters, a smoke machine. Burglary protection can grow into comprehensive security with fire detectors and anti-flood systems.

Who to entrust the installation of the security system

Security activities involve licensing. Also in many countries there are certification bodies. They provide training and/or make sure that companies and their employees know regulations, apply mandatory processes, check service quality, etc.

Information about such organizations can be obtained from major security service providers or from the police.

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Also, it would be helpful to ask the insurance company for advice — they are interested in reducing risks when insuring property and, as a rule, recommend only trusted installation companies and private licensed experts.

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