Train your home and office to manage security on their own. Get visual alarm verification without using surveillance cameras. Configure scenarios to shut off the water at the first signs of leakage automatically or to activate the streetlights in case of trespassing detection. Multi-release 2019 combines the launch of MotionCam and Hub 2, updates of all the Ajax apps, and the new OS Malevich 2.8.

MotionCam and Hub 2: The next level of informative alarms

Even the most reliable security equipment is never fully protected from false alarms. Most of the time, they occur due to simple oversights, hyperactive pets, or incorrect installation. But when the security companies react to false alarms, they risk getting late in case of a real emergency. Some send security patrols to check the unverified alarms right away. The others count the detector triggerings before responding and lose precious minutes in the result. In any case, false alarms bring stress for the consumers and the risk of suffering losses.

Prime security companies found the solution in photo and video alarm verification. Both options came with serious compromises. On the one hand, motion detectors equipped with cameras provided a technical possibility to see what triggered the alarm. But the systems that support such devices required frequent maintenance (due to low battery life), delivered low-quality pictures, and were significantly overpriced. On the other hand, video surveillance allowed for a 24/7 monitoring but came with the new difficulties: complicated installation and configuration, total dependence on the building’s infrastructure, high risks of malfunctioning and exploits, as well as the privacy issues. Both solutions didn’t have a chance to become the new security standard.

The market required the new cost-efficient solution that would unite the reliability and informing efficiency of the best security systems with the visual capabilities of the cameras.

ajax multirelease

We weren’t the first ones to develop the security system with visual alarm verification. Just like we weren’t the ones to invent wireless security system when launching Jeweller. But that fact gave us an opportunity to rethink the experience of using the equipment from the consumer’s and the service provider’s points of view. We tested and analyzed the weak spots and best practices in the industry and eventually created a breakthrough product in terms of informing speed, communication distance, and battery life.

To ensure fast and reliable transmission of the photo confirmations, we’ve developed a new Wings radio protocol based on Jeweller. The technologies that MotionCam and Hub 2 use to communicate, nullify the interference between channels during the parallel transmission of alarms and pictures. With Wings, you can view the first snapshot of the situation in under 9 seconds! While the alarm signals sent via Jeweller are still delivered in a split second.

Once motion is detected, MotionCam takes up to 5 photos, which are compiled into an informative animation in the Ajax app

Photo transmission does not shorten the MotionCam communication range. Just like the rest of the Ajax detectors, the new gadget operates at a distance of 1700 meters from the hub. This number is one of the top performance results for a camera-equipped detector. The Ajax security system still covers an area of up to 12 km², which is enough to protect the multi-story buildings but now with visual alarm verification.

MotionCam features an extraordinary—for a camera-equipped detector—autonomy with up to 4 years of battery life. This is not an optimistic forecast with ideal use conditions. Instead, it is an estimate for the typical operating conditions, which includes the regular activations and changes in weather conditions.

And we’ve considered the privacy issue. The MotionCam detectors activate their cameras only if triggered by motion when the system is armed. The users and the security company have no way to access the camera and request to take pictures. All photos are encrypted during transmission, and as they are stored at the Ajax Cloud (just like all the events in the security system’s log). No one analyzes and processes the photographs from your detectors.

MotionCam and Hub 2 raise the informing quality of the Ajax security system to the next level while preserving its fundamental characteristics. MotionCam can easily replace any indoor motion detector, which makes upgrading your security system as painless as possible. It’ll forever change your attitude to alarms, yet you still won’t be bothered with the system maintenance for years to come.

I am proud that we can make such inventions. Without a doubt, the Wings technology sets the new standards in the security industry. Fast photo transmission at a distance of 1700 meters with phenomenal energy efficiency — it’s magic that was previously unavailable on the market. We’ve managed to boost the informing quality of the system to the next level and preserve the familiar user experience at the same time— Aleksandr Konotopskyi, CEO Ajax Systems.

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Scenarios: Smart home won’t let anything flood it, will resist fire and fight back the burglars

Ajax managed to change people’s attitude to security systems. “Security equipment” became a gadget that is comfortable to use to create safe living and working environments. This shift in perception was our initial task, but the users wanted to have more. Over the past three years, we’ve received more than 10 000 requests to expand the smart home functionality. We’ve heard you.

Since 2017 we’ve expanded the Ajax model range with three home automation devices: WallSwitch, Relay , and Socket. They allowed to control the power supply of various devices remotely and became the basis for the next big step for Ajax: security automation.

With the OS Malevich 2.8 update, all Ajax hubs start to support automation scenarios: alarm reactions, scheduled actions, and security mode change reactions. The new functionality will work in beta mode at the beginning.

How to configure scenarios


Today, we make a big step towards an Ajax-based smart home. The goal of this release is to automate the user’s routines in the app and train the Ajax system to resist the threats autonomously. Our next big focus will be to dive deeper into the climate control and lighting automation. We’ve formed a dedicated R&D team in Ajax Systems to develop the smart home functionality further. Within the next two years, we’re planning to significantly expand the model range of automation devices— Valentyn Hrytsenko, CMO Ajax Systems.

How to use scenarios

Alarm reactions Scheduled actions Security mode change reactions
  • Automatic anti-flood system
  • Automatic power shutdown of the potential cause of ignition by a fire alarm
  • Light and siren activation when trespassing is detected
  • Automatic activation of the Night mode in the evenings
  • Home activity simulation during the long vacations or business trips
  • Cost-efficient heating schedule
  • Lights turn off and specific plugs are disabled when the system is armed
  • Roller shutters are raised and electric locks are disabled when the system is disarmed


Video guide on configuring scenarios

You can configure scenarios in the Ajax app. Hub’s real-time operating system OS Malevich is responsible for the uninterrupted execution of your commands. So if the central panel loses the connection with Ajax Cloud, the security system still follows the pre-set instructions. It’ll autonomously shut the valve to stop the flood or light up the backyard if motion is detected outside. As opposed to the typical Linux-based solutions, OS Malevich is immune to viruses and securely protected from cyber attacks.

Scenarios are available on all hubs

* Reactions by arming and disarming are not included in the overall limit of the hub’s scenarios. You can run only one reaction by arming and disarming per automation device.

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Wireless smart plug with energy monitor
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Wireless power relay with energy monitor
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Wireless low-tension dry contact relay
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Button: Smart home remote control that is always at hand

In summer 2019, we’ve extended the range of Ajax devices with Button, a wireless panic button. The OS Malevich 2.8 update adds an alternative Control Mode for Button to further explore the idea of automated security. Now Button can be used to call for backup in case of emergency or it can be configured to control Relay, WallSwitch, and Socket.

Press the button to turn off the lights in the office and the signs at the store windows, open the gates from the car, simultaneously activate the electric locks, and lower the roller shutters. Button is the new standard for secure smart home management. It transmits the commands via the encrypted Jeweller radio protocol at a distance of up to 1300 meters. The burglars won’t be able to imitate them using code grabbers to apply for a break-in. And the Button’s body design helps to avoid any accidental pressings.

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Multi-ReX: Security of the gigantic premises without wires

We’ve developed ReX to double the communication range of the Ajax devices and expand the application area of the security system. In May 2019, all hubs began to support one range extender allowing to cover the area of up to 16 km². Today, Ajax makes a next step towards the security of immense commercial properties.

With the OS Malevich 2.8 update, Hub Plus and Hub 2 can support up to 5 ReXs simultaneously, which allows them to cover up to 35 km². The system with one hub and five range extenders is ready to protect extra-large premises: warehouse complexes, multi-story business centers, and massive scale productions. And the amount of devices in the system doesn’t affect the speed of alarm delivery.

ReX can be connected only to the hub and cannot be paired with another range extender.

ReX boosts the autonomy of the security system and makes it more reliable. Each range extender integrates the connected detectors into an autonomous group within the system. If the communication with the hub is lost, ReX will take full control over the territory it controls. In this state, if one of its detectors sends an alarm signal, ReX will activate the siren to attract attention to the incident and scare off the burglars.


We understand that the security system cannot simultaneously respond to the needs of the private and commercial sectors. They have different use cases, functionality requests, and cost requirements. Often, the requests from the two audiences lay on the opposite sides of the spectrum. That’s why in the future, we want to split the Ajax model range into two categories to separately serve enterprise and individual needs— Aleksandr Konotopskyi, CEO Ajax Systems.

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To use the new features, you would need a hub with OS Malevich 2.8 or later and an updated Ajax app (for iOS, Android, Windows, or macOS).

All the active hubs will be updated to OS Malevich 2.8 until the end of 2019. The system is updated on its own when disarmed. To request an early upgrade of OS Malevich 2.8, fill out the form.

Alarm confirmation

A confirmed alarm is a special event that reports that two detectors have been triggered within a given period of time. With the release of OS Malevich 2.8, all Ajax hubs can now transmit such events. Confirmed alarms do not have region restrictions and do not require a console upgrade. Use the new features from Ajax to avoid on-site responses to false alarms.

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Business of innovation technologies

Ajax technological developments became a signature growth-driver of the company. They defined not only our roadmap but also influenced the entire security industry. Within the three years, we became one of the largest security equipment manufacturers in Europe and currently produce over 220 000 devices monthly. Ajax security systems protect over 350 000 people in 90 countries around the world. Still, today, Ajax realized under 10% of its technological potential. Our greatest achievements are yet to come!

Multi-release 2019 opens the next chapters in the company’s history: smart security, visual alarm verification, large-scale protection. And we continue to innovate to go beyond security.