With the update of Translator software, SBN monitoring stations are now able to process photo confirmations of Ajax security systems. Photos from MotionCam detectors will allow SBN operators all across Europe to evaluate the situation remotely and filter false alarms.

Application of Ajax photo verification technologies eliminates dispatching of security guards and police officers at false alarms. As a result, monitoring centers operate more efficiently and gain trust from local police enforcements.

To make photo verification accessible to as many partner security companies as possible became an essential task for us following the MotionCam release, since seamless user experience is encoded in Ajax Systems DNA. That’s why in just 1.5 months, we’ve implemented the integration of Ajax Cloud into SBN — one of the most popular CMS software in Spain and Portugal.— Aleksandr Konotopskyi, CEO Ajax Systems

MotionCam detectors take up to 5 photos upon motion detection. In under 9 seconds, users and SBN operators receive the first picture and can start analyzing the situation. Innovative Wings radio protocol allows to install detectors on a distance of up to 1700 meters from the hub and operate up to 4 years on the pre-installed batteries. Moreover, MotionCam never takes a picture by request. The camera activates only when the detector is triggered.


Wireless motion detector with visual alarm verification and pet immunity
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Hub 2

Security system control panel with support for photo verification
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Within the next couple of days, Translator update will become available to all Ajax Systems partners.

Besides SBN, support of MotionCam photo confirmations is also realized in Ajax PRO Desktop (software for administering and monitoring security systems), ABsistemDC, WBB, Horus, V1/F1, Kronos, eLipse, Sentinel, MASXML, Listener and in Manitou CMS.

Innovative Business Software (IBS) develops software for CMS since 1981. Today, the most extensive monitoring centers in Europe and USA use SBN to secure millions of properties in commercial and private sectors.