How to connect a third-party wired detector to Ajax and what else Transmitter can do

How to connect a third-party wired detector to Ajax and what else Transmitter can do

An Ajax security system includes a wide range of devices from the Baseline line for intrusion protection, video surveillance, fire detection, water leak prevention, and comfort and productivity. Additionally, there are Fibra and Superior product lines for PROs, designed for projects. It is enough for most protection scenarios. And if you need to connect a third-party wired device, the Transmitter Jeweller integration module comes in handy.

Transmitter is a module for connecting a third-party device with a wired output to an Ajax security system. The module has an alarm and tamper inputs (devices with NC/NO contact type are supported), and 3.3 V⎓ power output for connected devices.

Features of Transmitter

  • Makes a third-party wired device part of an Ajax security system.
  • It can be installed indoors or outdoors (in the detector casing or a sealed box).
  • Provides 3.3 V⎓ power supply to the connected device.
  • Equipped with an accelerometer that will raise an alarm if someone tries to dismantle the Transmitter.
  • Operates in temperatures from -25°С to +50°С and humidity up to 75% without condensation.

Informative alarms, precise commands

After receiving information about alarms or events from a connected wired device, the module transmits it to an Ajax hub. You can select one of numerous event types: intrusion, fire, auxiliary alarm, panic button, and much more. The type of event determines the alarm code sent to the security company monitoring station and the text of notification received by the user. This ensures an accurate response to the threat.

What devices can be connected to Ajax via Transmitter

Outdoor motion detector

Transmitter allows you to integrate the AX-200TFR IR barrier, BX-80NR curtain sensor, combined VXI-RDAM and other third-party outdoor detectors into the security system.

Detector to protect the perimeter like IR barrier

IR barriers are used when you need to control the perimeter without creating obstacles for people already inside. The property boundaries are protected from the outside, while you can move freely on the territory.

Gas leak detector

It is difficult to detect a gas leak promptly. To do this, you can use a Transmitter to connect to the security system a detector that monitors the leak of one of the types of gas: natural, carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide (CO). There is no all-purpose gas leak detector because all gases are different in weight. They also differ in the installation method: a device must be installed as high as possible to detect a natural gas leak and as low as possible for carbon dioxide.

For a private home, you can choose a third-party domestic gas detector.

Vibration detector

The vibration detector raises an alarm even during a tampering attempt, responding to movement or even the slightest damage to the structure on which it is installed. Such devices are mounted on doors, windows, and fences (it will report attempts to climb over).

For vibration detector to function properly with the Transmitter, it is necessary that the closing or opening takes at least 0.6 seconds. Shorter closings and openings will be ignored by the false response security system.

What tasks Transmitter can solve

Receive the alarms when the temperature exceeds the specified range

For this, a third-party thermostat is connected to the Transmitter. The temperature range is adjusted on the thermostat. To indicate the upper and lower extreme temperature, use the NO contacts on the alarm loops, and connect the NC contacts to the tamper contacts of the Transmitter.

Make sure the gate is closed

To control the gate closure and see the log of openings/closing, the Transmitter module and a wire reed switch or a limit switch can be used.

👉 How to set up a gate control using Ajax. Wiring diagrams

Protect the safe

To protect a safe (art piece or other valuables), a third-party tamper and Transmitter can be used. When the safe is moved, the tamper button is triggered, and the system users and the security company receive an alarm.

Control the water level

A float sensor makes it possible to monitor the water level in a vessel and send a report if it is exceeded. Such sensors protect the pump from non-load running while pumping water and help to control the water level in a pool or well.

Connect an alarm button to call a security desk

A third-party button to send an alarm to the security desk can also be connected via Transmitter.