Small misfortunes can ruin the mood for rest of the day. Or even turn into a real drama. «Zero hassle. Zero problems.» is a series of short videos about the undisputed cruiserweight champion Alexander Usyk fighting those small everyday troubles with the help of Ajax.

How to protect your home from burglars

Even a canny burglar will not be able to get around the Ajax security system. If they cover the MotionProtect Outdoor detector with paint, the security system will alert you of the obstructed field of view. If they attempt to use the back door to enter the premises, DoorProtect detector will raise an alarm. As soon as an intrusion is detected, the sirens are triggered, and Ajax sends a notification to your smartphone and notifies the security company. Now, they’re in trouble.

How to protect your yard from intrusion

With Ajax, no intruder will be able to enter the premises undetected. If they even take one step into the zone secured by the MotionProtect Outdoor detector, the hub will raise an alarm: it will trigger the sirens, send a notification to your smartphone, and notify the security company, so they can take all necessary measures. If you have video surveillance cameras installed in your home, you will be able to evaluate the situation right away. Meanwhile, scenarios help automate your Socket wireless smart plug and activate lights in an empty home throughout the week to create the illusion of presence and deter burglars.

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How to prevent flooding

With Ajax, an overflowing bathtub, a leak from a washing machine, or a burst pipe will not lead to serious problems. The LeaksProtect detector identifies leaks as soon as the first drops of water appear. The security system immediately sends a notification to your smartphone and notifies the security company. If you have a solenoid valve and a wireless Relay installed in your home, Ajax will detect flooding from the first drops and activate a scenario to shut off water.

How to prevent fires

With Ajax, a frying pan forgotten on a burner, an appliance failure, or a short circuit will not lead to a tragedy. The fire detectors FireProtect promptly identify smoke and any sharp rise in temperature to trigger the in-built sirens. Simultaneously, the security system sends a notification to your smartphone and notifies the security company, so they can take all necessary measures. Meanwhile, the FireProtect Plus detectors will also warn you of the dangerous carbon monoxide levels.


Intelligent security control panel
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MotionProtect Outdoor

Wireless outdoor motion detector with anti-masking and pet immunity
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MotionProtect Curtain

Wireless curtain motion detector with a narrow view angle for indoor use
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Socket (type F)

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Wireless outdoor siren with vandalism resistance
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MotionProtect Plus

Wireless pet immune motion detector with microwave sensor
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DoorProtect Plus

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Wireless motion and glass break detector with pet immunity
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Wireless glass break detector
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FireProtect Plus

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Wireless indoor siren
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StarterKit Plus

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