MultiTransmitter: how to give the wired alarm a second life

MultiTransmitter: how to give the wired alarm a second life

The MultiTransmitter Jeweller integration module allows connecting the outdated wired alarm detectors to the Ajax security system. The customers discover remote configuration, automation scenarios, control via smartphone and extensive opportunities to upgrade a system.

The product that was waited

The leap forward in technology has divided the security industry into two camps. On the one hand, there are old alarms. Such systems properly inform the security company about the intrusion, but they are not future-proof and cannot be upgraded.

On the other hand, there are modern smart home systems. They offer many additional features but do not necessarily provide reliable security.

Ajax combines the best of both worlds. The system meets strict professional standards but remains user-friendly.

Ajax uses proprietary communication technologies and is controlled via desktop and mobile apps. To add third-party wired detectors to the system was not previously available. The market needed a product that would make it possible.

The release of Transmitter Jeweller

In 2017, Transmitter Jeweller was introduced, the module for integrating third-party wired devices into the Ajax security system.

Transmitter makes any wired detector with NC/NO contacts part of a modern wireless security system. The module receives the detector signals by wire and transmits them to the hub through the Jeweller radio protocol. The user controls the security mode of the third-party detector and the Ajax system via desktop and mobile apps.

ajax multitransmitter renovation
Transmitter can serve as signal transmitter and as power source for detectors

The Transmitter was designed to extend the Ajax range with devices that solve specific tasks: gas detectors, liquid level detectors, thermostats, IR barriers. But the market had its view on the new device. Professionals appreciated the possibility of remote configuration and control and started to use the Transmitter to renovate entire wired alarms.

The Ajax technical support team have received photos of unexpected configurations, with 5, 10, and 20 Transmitter devices used simultaneously. Despite the cost of such a solution, users went for it to get smart features for old alarms. Some have used the Transmitter to extend Ajax security to underground parking lots, warehouses, and safes — places where radio signal cannot reach.

ajax multitransmitter renovation

MultiTransmitter: New life for old wired alarm

Ajax’s engineers have thoroughly studied the experience of using the Transmitter to translate it into MultiTransmitter Jeweller, the integration module with 18 wired zones. The module replaced the outdated security control panel, connecting wired devices to the hub. So users get more settings, automation scenarios and control via smartphone.

The MultiTransmitter Jeweller connects wired devices to the hub via Jeweller radio communication

What to know about MultiTransmitter

ajax multitransmitter renovation

MultiTransmitter has 18 zones for connecting wired devices, detectors, panic buttons and tampers. The integration module supports 5 connection types: NC (NC), NO (NO), EOL, 2EOL and 3EOL.

In addition to 18 zones, the module has three 12V⎓ power outputs for wired devices: 2 main and 1 dedicated for fire detectors.

ajax multitransmitter renovation

Backup battery in case of emergency

MultiTransmitter Jeweller and MultiTransmitter Fibra are powered from the 100–240 V~ mains. In case of a loss of the main power supply, the enclosures include space for a backup battery of either 4 or 7 Ah, which will power the module and connected devices. The security company and users are notified in case of any power failures.

Comprehensive information about alarms

The admin can set the room, group, device type (detector/tamper) and alarm type for each device in the Ajax app. Instead of the zone number of the triggered detector, users see a notification with the text, explaining what, when and where it happened. And the security company receives an unambiguous alarm code and responds according to the protocol.

There are numerous types of alarms — intrusion, fire, auxiliary alarm, panic button, and much more.

Advanced protection against sabotage

The module is equipped with two tamper buttons. They react to the casing opening and the detachment of the device body from the surface. It will not be possible to open or detach MultiTransmitter discreetly. The automatic detection of the resistance of EOLs in the app allows the module to instantly notice malfunctions, short circuits or breaks in the signal cable of the connected detector.

New user experience

MultiTransmitter makes renovation a step-by-step process. For the beginning, a hub, and an integration module are enough. With them, the owners of old alarm systems get control of the security modes in the app, an event log and informative notifications. The next step is to connect wireless leakage, smoke, glass break detectors, street and home sirens, smart sockets and relays. The admin can add Ajax devices to the system at any moment.

Ajax’s users configure how they want to receive notifications about alarms and system events: via push notifications, SMS, or calls. In seconds, the MotionCam and MotionCam Outdoor detectors with cameras allow you to determine whether it is an intrusion or someone forgot to disarm the system.

Remote configuration

For the security companies engineers, MultiTransmitter is a step towards remote service. In the Ajax PRO: Tool for Engineers mobile app or the Ajax PRO Desktop app for PC, you can remotely set the Delay When Entering/Leaving, set up the Night mode activation schedule and activate the siren in case of alarms, and temporarily turn off the device in case of a malfunction. Thanks to separate power terminals, the alarms of fire detectors connected to MultiTransmitter can be reset in the app. No more unnecessary visits to facilities.

Reliable communication

Paired with the hub, MultiTransmitter takes the stability of the system’s communication with the monitoring station to a new level. Ajax’s hubs support up to 4 communication channels, including Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and mobile service (2G/3G/4G). If the hub cannot get in touch via any channels, the security company and users will know about it in a minute (depending on the settings). The times when such a situation became known after hours are in the past.

Smart automation

Another essential function that MultiTransmitter opens for old wired alarm systems is the automation scenarios. They allow the system to report a threat and actively confront it. To do this, you will need smart sockets and relays that turn on the light, close the roller shutters and electric locks, and cut the power to the room in case of alarm from one or more detectors.

👉 Learn more about automation scenarios

Four steps to new opportunities

ajax multitransmitter renovation

MultiTransmitter Jeweller installation and configuring does not require much time and effort. It is enough to scan the QR code in the app to connect the device to the hub. MultiTransmitter reads resistors' resistances when connecting wired devices and recommends measured values. And if the wired device was connected incorrectly, the system will report this.

By connecting a wired alarm to the hub via MultiTransmitter, the user shifts the worries about further upgrades to Ajax. The hub firmware is updated over the air, adding new features and support for new devices. The security system coverage area can be expanded with radio signal extenders. With the data import function, the user can upgrade the hub to a new model and transfer the entire system configuration in less than 15 minutes.