In the coming months, Ajax will undergo a number of improvements. Ajax will improve the protection of premises and provide street security. Large areas and multi-storey buildings will no longer be a problem. It will be possible, in addition to reading notifications about alarms, to see what has happened. Let’s not forget market professionals as well.


Aleksandr Konotopskyi, Ajax Systems CEO

Ajax Systems held a presentation at the annual workshop “The Technical Evolution” of Secur, the largest distributor of security systems in Ukraine, on 12 October. We showed 7 new devices, announced the API for corporate customers, as well as major updates of Hub OS Malevich and Ajax PRO Desktop.

Ajax Hub Plus

Hub Plus is a central unit with breakthrough standard communication equipment and increased amount of memory.

Ajax Hub Plus

The device has inherited the design of the original Hub and the internal power unit. Hub Plus can be powered directly from the electric mains, without a power outlet. This will probably be the only cable connected to Ajax.

Hub Plus is equipped with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, Ethernet port and two SIM-card slots that support 2G and 3G networks.

Internet connection via mobile networks became 4 times more reliable. If the 3G communication fails, Hub Plus automatically switches to the 2G network, and if the problem is not solved, it uses the second SIM–card. It takes up to 4 minutes to reconnect, while the standards time in the market is 17 minutes. This is the best solution to ensure the safety of a country house or a cottage.

Hub Hub Plus
Groups 9 25
Users 50 99
Devices 100 150

Hub Plus works longer from the backup battery and allows adding more users, groups, devices. Memory capacity is increased twofold that will allow full unleashing of the Ajax potential as a smart home system.

Connection Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 2 х SIM 2G/3G
Communication range up to 2,000 meters
Backup battery life up to 16 hours
On the market Since the 4th quarter of 2018

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Ajax Socket

The smart socket does not require installation — just a few seconds to connect to the Hub, and the Socket is ready to manage the power of the connected device. Manually or using a script.

Ajax Socket

Socket is equipped with a LED indicator that shows the amount of energy consumed by the device. The closer indicator to the purple colour, the bigger electric bill you will get at the end of the month.

Ajax Socket

The Socket includes protection systems just as in the WallSwitch and Relay. Socket will not allow the connected device to blow in the event of a voltage surge and to melt at continuous maximum load. Moreover, this is a common problem of sockets — smart and standard too.

Communication range up to 1,000 meters
On the market Since the 1 quarter of 2019

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Ajax Button

This is a tiny button, which you can stick under the table or at the headboard, hang on a key ring or put in a pocket — the Button should be kept at hand.

Valentine Hrytsenko, Ajax Systems CMO

Press the Button in case of emergency. It’ll send an immediate alarm to a hub. The security system will call a response company and send the notifications to your close ones or colleagues. It can also turn on the sirens to scare off the intruders.

Ajax Button

Button supports two-way connection with a Hub. The light indication informs of the successful command transfer to the Hub and its execution. Like the SpaceControl key fob, the button does not need to be enabled by pressing — it is always active.

Communication range up to 1,300 meters
Bundled battery life up to 5 years
Body protection IP54
On the market Since Q3 2019

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Ajax MotionProtect Outdoor

MotionProtect Outdoor motion detector opens up a series of Ajax devices for adjacent area protection.

Max Melnik, Ajax Systems Head of Projects

MotionProtect Outdoor ignores pets, birds, leaves of trees heated by the sun and other disturbances, but detects human presence when he sets foot on a protected area. The intelligent LISA algorithm eliminates false triggering.

Ajax MotionProtect Outdoor

The risks of sabotage are much higher outdoors than indoors. Therefore, in addition to tamper protection, MotionProtect Outdoor is equipped with a Grade 3 anti-masking system. There is no sense even to attempt to covertly block the view of the detector by means of obstruction with a cloth, glue or even paint sprayed over the lenses.

The detector has a motion detection range adjustment: from 3 to 15 meters. MotionProtect Outdoor will be able to protect land plots of all shapes and sizes.

Communication range up to 1,700 meters
Bundled battery life up to 5 years
External power 5–28 V
Body protection IP54
On the market Since the 4th quarter of 2018

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Ajax MotionProtect Curtain

Narrow beam indoor motion detector. Protecting windows, doors, and valuables from intruders, this curtain type detector controls the premises perimeter and raises an alarm if unknown persons enter inside.

Ajax MotionProtect Curtain

MotionProtect Curtain detects movement at the distance up to 15 meters. Thanks to a unique system of two infrared sensors and a multi-facet mirror detector receives twice as much information about what is going on in the protected area, eliminates detector false triggering.

Communication range up to 1,700 meters
Bundled battery life up to 3 years
Body protection IP54
On the market Since the 1 quarter of 2019

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Ajax ReX

Ajax ReX

ReX, formerly known as RangeExtender, will significantly expand the radio communication range of Jeweller. It will open really large facilities for Ajax: production facilities, office centres, and hotels.

On the market Q2 2019

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Ajax MotionCam

MotionCam is a motion detector with photo verification of alarms. It activates the camera when an alarm is set off, and takes a photo with a resolution of up to 640 × 480 px. The captured images are clear enough to make a firm conclusion under any lighting condition (or lack thereof): penetration into the secured area has occurred.

Ajax MotionCam

Development of detector with a camera became a challenge for our R&D team. We could not use Wi-Fi to communicate the detector with the hub, as it could deteriorate the reliability and communication range. In addition, Ajax would become dependent on the Wi-Fi infrastructure of the facility. It was crucial to get a device with independence on the level with other Ajax security detectors. The well-proven Jeweller was not suitable for transferring images due to high data volume required. So we have developed a new radio protocol: the Wings.

You’ll receive the first snapshot of the event within 9 seconds from the motion detection. As usual, the alarm notification will arrive in a split of a second, even if the signal is unstable. The new detector features a record-breaking operating efficiency with up to 4 years of battery life. We are confident that such motion detectors are the future.

Image resolution up to 640х480 px
Communication range up to 1700 m
Bundled battery life up to 4 years
On the market Q4 2019
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Enterprise API

Large service companies serving thousands of facilities will be able to integrate Ajax devices into their software systems via API. It will provide direct management without using Ajax applications.

Release date Since the 4th quarter of 2018

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OS Malevich 2.7

The update of OS Malevich 2.7 will provide Ajax systems with SIA, the second communication protocol. The support of this communication protocol ensures that the security system is compatible with the consoles of the majority of security and service companies in the Western Europe. Millions of people will be able to use Ajax for professional protection of housing and property.

SIA connection

The security system will be able to exchange information with Central Monitoring Station both using Contact ID protocol through the Ajax Translator receiver, and directly using SIA protocol. This is a digital standard with data encryption that allows transferring both the events and the additional information. For example, time of the event and coordinates of the facility.

Available Since 1 quarter of 2019

Learn more about OS Malevich 2.7

Monitoring in Ajax PRO Desktop

Romax Konckakivskiy, Ajax Systems lead of technical presale team

Ajax PRO Desktop will get a function of facility monitoring. The application can be used as a console software for new security companies, and local monitoring stations for residential complexes, shopping and business centres for management of thousands Ajax security systems.

Ajax PRO Desktop Monitoring

Advantages of Ajax PRO Desktop:

  • Speed and ease of connecting security systems for the monitoring
  • Full information on the status of each device and remote configuration.
  • Customized event notifications.
Release date Since the 4th quarter of 2018

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