The AM/Win monitoring software now supports receiving a photo series by alarms from Ajax motion detectors with photo verification. The monitoring station also receives the coordinates of the panic button pressed in the Ajax app.

The protocol for transmitting alarms with photo verification is SIA DC-09 (ADM-CID format). It is available in Ajax Translator since version 1.10.

Ajax Translator is the program to provide communication between Ajax security systems and third-party monitoring software. This is the connecting link between the hub and the monitoring station. Ajax Translator converts the Ajax system events into a format supported by the station software.

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The manufacturer of the AM/Win software is a German company INSOCAM present in 60 markets worldwide. The AM/Win software delivers alarms to the security company monitoring station; provides data processing, logging, and managing. Advanced versions of the software allow you to integrate with mobile apps, manage video surveillance and elevators, connect telephony, collect statistics, and issue invoices.

The monitoring stations that use this software can now receive visual confirmations of alarms from Ajax. When spotted motion, MotionCam and MotionCam Outdoor detectors with photo verification take a series of photos and send them to the station in 9 seconds upon alarm.

Photos from the scene help the operator decide whether to send a rapid response team to the facility. This reduces unnecessary patrol dispatches and saves the clients’ nerves.

We thank the technical team of Ajax Systems for their professional cooperation. Now we can offer our customers to connect Ajax devices to the AM/Win system and thus open up new possibilities for many alarm control centres. The basis of our business is a long-term partnership characterised by trust, openness, competence and reliability. We are pleased that the professionals at Ajax Systems share our approach. We think this is a good start to implement many more new projects together in the future.Reiner Trautmann, CEO of INSOCAM GmbH

World’s monitoring software developers actively implement the Ajax photo verification of alarms. Ajax Systems is already partnered with MAS, Logetel, ESI, Patriot Systems, WBB, Horus, SBN, V1/F1, Kronos, Sentinel, MASXML, Listener.

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