How Ajax has undergone quality testing in the USA and Canada with the example of UL Certification

How Ajax has undergone quality testing in the USA and Canada with the example of UL Certification

Ajax is the most prestigious wireless security system in Europe. Our devices have undergone certification defined by the Type 5 Certification Scheme. This is the most stringent quality testing in the European market, as it combines the complexities of all possible verification procedures. The compliance table for Ajax devices lists all certifications for each device according to security standards.

In the USA and Canada, the most authoritative safety certification laboratory is UL Solutions (formerly UL). It provides documentary proof that a product meets compliance requirements, which is necessary to strengthen its presence in the market. UL certification delivers reassurance to buyers that products and security systems meet universally acknowledged standards in the USA and Canada.

Ajax Systems successfully passed the production audit conducted by UL Solutions. Also, at this moment, dozens of Ajax devices already have this marking:

What is UL certification

UL certification is challenging to obtain due to such factors:

  • Stringent safety standards. Companies must meet rigorous requirements to ensure their products meet defined levels of safety.
  • Multiple testing. It requires products to undergo various assessments and evaluations to verify their compliance with diverse safety criteria.
  • Documentation. The extensive documentation requirements can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive task, particularly for companies not accustomed to meeting such rigorous standards.
  • Cost. Obtaining UL certification is a significant financial investment for manufacturers because of multiple testing stages, need to demonstrate compliance on an ongoing basis, and documentation.

Why UL certification is vital for Ajax partners and clients

UL Solutions has a history of over 100 years, with dozens of testing laboratories and representative offices in more than 30 countries worldwide. Products with UL certification are highly sought-after in the market.

UL certification is one of the requirements for insurance policies in the USA and Canada. If a property is protected by a UL certified Ajax system, the installation of which is also done following UL requirements, there is no need to worry about the consequences of emergencies. The chances of an insurance company compensating for damages from intrusion, fire, flooding, and similar incidents are higher. The UL certification demonstrates a manufacturer’s competence.

How Ajax has undergone UL certification

The standard testing and certification of devices according to UL standards requires significant investments. The duration and cost depend on the number of devices being tested, the standards they are being evaluated against, the readiness of the samples, changes in the testing procedure, and other factors.

Ajax products have undergone testing at three levels: the device itself, its components, and the manufacturing materials. The limits of the set parameters were defined by regularly updated standards.

If the circuit board was being inspected, the test criteria included flammability and peel strength. If there was a battery under inspection, UL Solutions checked whether it has an accredited laboratory certification. If no certificates were available, UL Solutions tested and certified batteries on their own.

UL Solutions specialists have tested Ajax products against more than 50 indicators:

  • whether the control devices report a loss of connection;
  • whether the systems detect radio jamming and report it to users;
  • whether the hub ensures uninterrupted processing of data;
  • whether the materials are resistant to mechanical and climatic conditions;
  • whether pet immunity is implemented in motion detectors etc.

Within the testing process, UL Solutions utilized programmed systems developed for each specific case. For example, during the interaction testing of Ajax devices, a robotic mechanism activated the keypad, entered a code, armed the system, checked the keypad and application indicators, and repeated this process 6,000 times consecutively. All Ajax devices underwent similar complex robotic testing successfully.

Alongside UL Solutions testing, Ajax devices underwent internal tests to prevent potential technical errors. During this process, the Ajax team actively collaborated with UL Solutions technical experts, exchanging data on test results.

Having finished testing, UL Solutions concluded the specific aspects for which the certification is granted, such as design, materials and production processes. Furthermore, UL Solutions retained the right to conduct unplanned re-tests to determine ongoing compliance with requirements. All certificates are placed in a publicly accessible database.

Which Ajax devices have been certified by UL Solutions

So far, such Ajax devices have undergone UL certification:

With them, it is easy to install a reliable security system for manufacturing facilities, offices, warehouses, homes, apartments, or other premises.

What you get with a certified Ajax security system

  • Playing by Ajax rules. UL certifications in the USA and Canada enable property damage compensation.
  • Profit for your business and partners. Products with the UL Mark have a stronger competitive edge for distribution.
  • Trust. The compliance of Ajax security systems’ products is now confirmed by the most authoritative laboratory in the USA and Canada, just as it should be.

UL certified Ajax systems are a double advantage and practically guaranteed insurance payouts in case of emergencies. We unwaveringly adhere to quality standards. All Ajax solutions have proven their value in practice. Build a security system for your needs right now.