2023 Growth Report: Year of Transformation

2023 Growth Report: Year of Transformation

The year 2023 proved to be a challenging period, during which many Ukrainian companies struggled to maintain their developmental momentum. However, Ajax Systems managed to sustain its growth trajectory.

Despite the adversities in 2023, we successfully launched and shipped a wide range of smart devices designed to automate comfort with air quality monitoring and controlling all kinds of appliances and lighting: LightSwitch, LifeQuality, Socket, and Outlet.

Throughout the year, we aimed to redefine the perception of security in business for professionals. We sought to demonstrate that those working with the intrusion domain could further enhance their business with the latest Ajax devices for automation. Thus, we dedicated substantial time and resources to support our partners, offering them new opportunities for growth.

At the end of the year, we have taken a significant step into the company’s future and redefined the surveillance game. We introduced a network video recorder and wired security cameras to align the video domain with top-tier security.

ajax 2023

Transforming security market

We began to notice how the security market is changing. We observed shifts in end-users needs and behavior, as well as a transformation in the perception of security systems. Therefore, we came up with new formats to share with security professionals our findings and marketing expertise, and to introduce new approaches in the promotion.

Firstly, Ajax Systems organized a series of offline events called Ajax Business Day in the United Kingdom, DACH, Italy, France, and Australia. Exclusive presentations were hosted for local leaders in the security industry, with a focus on empowering them to scale up their businesses. Aleksandr Konotopskyi, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Ajax Systems, and local sales team leaders delivered powerful business presentations and tools, combining security expertise with a deep understanding of our products and diverse international market experiences.

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Also, we extended our efforts by organizing systematic Ajax Road Show events to represent the newest products in regions for security professionals and engineers who are eager for innovation and keen on monetizing the latest developments. The goal is to provide everyone with hands-on experience and a first-hand understanding of Ajax products.

ajax 2023

As we’ve observed an increase in revenue from new products among our key partners, our tools and practices have provided them with the opportunity to reconsider their business approach and scale operations.

Our journey throughout the year has been marked by lots of activities, numerous valuable contacts, and the establishment of meaningful partnerships.

Business tools for PRO

Continuing our commitment to meeting the needs of our partners, we have advanced even further and developed useful tools to scale their businesses together with Ajax Systems.

Ajax Academy

ajax 2023

We introduced certification courses for partners. More courses mean more knowledge about products, leading to better consulting and enhanced installation processes. Currently, the Academy is localized into 12 languages, features 7 certification courses, and already has over 23,826 users on board. The content includes presentations, webinars, and video courses such as Basic, Baseline Intrusion, Outdoor Security Solutions, Fibra Product Line, PRO Desktop, Sales Hero, and Fire Detection.

Partner Portal

ajax 2023

With our platform, partners can achieve targeted engagement and increased relevance through tailored experiences. Previously, the platform had only 3 countries and 200 users. For now Partner Portal has 7,770 active users from 42 countries. We’ve enhanced our event customization for partners. This segmentation ensures that events displayed are specifically relevant to each partner, ensuring they see only the events crucial to their respective regions.

To empower partners to independently execute marketing campaigns without the need for additional contacts and manager involvement, we’ve relocated all our materials to the Partner Portal. Our partners can now easily access marketing materials, ensuring faster campaign launches. Thus, the platform has become an essential place for communication and collaboration with partners.

Where to buy 2.0

To attract potential customers and monitor lead effectiveness, the revamped WTB (Where to buy) serves as a convenient lead generation tool. End-user requests are now transferred directly to the Partner Portal as leads. Tracking leads’ statuses engaging partner efficiency through delivering marketing innovations with best-selling practices.

To ensure efficient promotion and reach a wider audience, we added automated campaign placement (available only in Ukraine for now). Ukrainian partners can now automatically place their promotions via the WTB page.

Ajax Special Event

ajax 2023

We’ve set a new standard with our Special Event – it has become a highly anticipated occasion in the security market. Gone are the days of weak and unclear product presentations; people now expect professionally curated, expert-packed content that goes beyond just showcasing a new device.

The primary goal of the Special Event is to launch and unveil the latest products and company annual plans to both partners and end-users. These events serve as a catalyst for driving sales, facilitating valuable networking opportunities and media presence. In response to substantial market demand, we have organized offline showcase events with distributors worldwide, spanning 60 cities. Online translations were streamed in 24 languages simultaneously.

ajax 2023

This marks our fifth Special Event: Rule Your Space, kicking off with an offline event in Milan, Italy. The attendance of 450 security professionals solidified our offline event as the largest vendor event in the Italian security market. Our partners were thrilled by the event, getting the exclusive chance to be the first to witness the latest products showcased at the stands and to ask about everything from our team of engineers.

Football legend Andriy Shevchenko joined our Italian event with a charity initiative. His extraordinary journey from a Ukrainian football enthusiast to a global icon mirrors Ajax’s own narrative. As a Ukrainian company with a parallel success story, we’re proud to collaborate with such a hero.

ajax 2023

Our online Special Event is more than just a show; it’s a valuable tool for education and impactful sales. We aim to directly deliver insights about our products to different audiences. The daily views, such as 35,500 on the first day and currently 250,000 views overall, highlight the demand for high-quality professional content.

New products

This year, we transformed the Ajax system, changing it from a hub-centric to a space-centric. Space is a virtual environment, where the user can add and manage their devices. Space concept gives the flexibility to configure the system according to their preferences. They can choose to have only the hub with a comprehensive security system for protection against intrusion, only NVR with video surveillance, or integrate all components into a unified space.

The product portfolio has been strategically divided into 3 product lines: Baseline, Fibra, and Superior. Baseline includes Ajax’s well-known wireless devices for intrusion protection, video surveillance, fire detection, water leak prevention, comfort and productivity. The wired Fibra and wireless Superior devices serve as project-oriented products for enhanced intrusion protection. The Ajax portfolio now serves the needs of various domains, providing a versatile and innovative system for retail, warehouses, production facilities, construction sites, municipal objects, banks, and more.

ajax 2023

Video surveillance

Our partners have long expressed the need for innovative approaches to professional video surveillance, with the goal of enhancing convenience and security. Identifying numerous challenges, we recognized a significant opportunity to elevate the user experience for both professionals and end-users to a new level.

As a result, Ajax Systems has launched a video surveillance product group, including NVR and wired IP security cameras: TurretCam, BulletCam, DomeCam Mini. These products address prevalent industry concerns like distrust in video device manufacturers, poor UX, privacy issues, password problems, and installer dissatisfaction.

ajax 2023

Ajax NVR, a digital-generation network video recorder, brings the synergy of video surveillance and Ajax systems. With broad compatibility, it works with almost any IP camera supporting ONVIF or RTSP.

Key NVR features

Instant alarm verification in high-resolution

ONVIF/RTSP support

Adjustable motion detection for cameras

HDD status notifications in the app

Fast archive navigation with JetSparrow dual stream technology

Archive synchronization with system events

Customizable virtual videowall

Auto-search cameras in the network for fast connection

Up to 16 TB SATA HDD support

Multi-tiered account security: 2FA, session control, and password/biometric login

The NVR’s wide compatibility within the Ajax ecosystem makes it easy to connect any Ajax camera model from Baseline product line. These devices blend high-definition surveillance with unparalleled privacy safeguards. Designed for versatility, they’re apt for both indoor and outdoor environments with their IP65 rating.



DomeCam Mini

  • 5 Mp/2.8 mm
  • 5 Mp/4 mm
  • 8 Mp/2.8 mm
  • 8 Mp/4 mm
  • 5 Mp/2.8 mm
  • 5 Mp/4 mm
  • 8 Mp/2.8 mm
  • 8 Mp/4 mm
  • 5 Mp/2.8 mm
  • 5 Mp/4 mm
  • 8 Mp/2.8 mm
  • 8 Mp/4 mm

Cameras do not have default passwords, eliminating a potential system weakness. Passwordless authentication via mTLS ensures that the device can be connected to one space only.

Ajax cameras, equipped with AI-analysis capabilities, can detect and recognize various object types, including humans, vehicles, and pets. The True WDR technology in each camera balances light disparities, ensuring clear video in varied lighting.

Key Ajax cameras features

Secure passwordless camera authentication

Customizable virtual video wall

Instant alarm verification in high-resolution

Fast archive navigation with dual stream technology

Customizable motion detection area

Built-in AI recognition

IR illumination range up to 35 m

Archive synchronization with system events

Built-in digital microphone

Support for up to 256 GB SD card

All Ajax video solutions include EU regulations and NDAA compliance, seamless app integration, no fees for AI features, and hassle-free installation.


ajax 2023

Ajax Systems has received significant industry certifications, including Grade 3 (EN 50131), INCERT, UL, and SSF. Grade 3 systems are employed in large enterprises and high-risk facilities where there is a need for enhanced security. More than half of the devices in the Fibra product line became officially Grade 3 certified. So, now Ajax systems can cover jewelry and arms stores, banks, ATMs, etc. At the same time, Ajax products continue to adhere to the industry standard PD 6662:2017, as they always have.

As we say about Ajax Systems’ dedication to security excellence, it’s vital to highlight the significance of other certifications:

  • INCERT underscores the security requirements in Belgium;
  • UL attests to safety and performance in the USA and Canada;
  • SSF emphasizes effective theft prevention in Sweden.

Overall, these certifications solidify Ajax Systems’ position as a reputable provider of top-tier security solutions.

Superior product line

ajax 2023

New certification compliance is one of the main features of the above-mentioned Superior product line. Project-oriented, Superior products offer advanced wireless security devices with enhanced batteries, strengthened anti-sabotage protection, and compliance with local and international industry standards. The product line consists of opening, motion, and glass break detectors, motion detectors with photo verification, keypads, indoor and outdoor sirens, and alarm/smart buttons.

👉 Learn more about all the Superior devices

Fibra product line

ajax 2023

The Fibra product line has been expanded, with all new devices now featuring Grade 3 certification. The focus shifted to enhanced sabotage protection of wired devices and more capabilities for complex topologies. The latest releases also include solutions for third-party device integration, additional power supply, and automation:

LineProtect Fibra

Designed to protect devices on the Fibra line from stun guns, short circuits, exposure to 110/230 V~, and voltage surges.

LineSplit Fibra

Designed to divide a single Fibra line into four.

LineSupply (45 W) Fibra

LineSupply (75 W) Fibra

Designed to provide additional power supply for Fibra devices.

Transmitter Fibra

Designed to integrate one third-party device into the Ajax system.

MultiRelay Fibra

Four-channel relay module with potential-free contacts to control power supply remotely.

ajax 2023

Case, also debuted by Ajax Systems, is a casing designed for quick and secure wired connection and installation of Fibra modules. It is available in four sizes with a different slot number. Case has fasteners to fix the cables with ties and channels for convenient cable routing. You only need to make one movement to place the device wherever you need it.

Case A (106)
1 device

Case B (175)
up to 2 devices

Case C (260)
1 device

Case D (430)
up to 8 devices

LineSplit Fibra




LineProtect Fibra




MultiRelay Fibra




LineSupply (45 W) Fibra



LineSupply (75 W) Fibra



Battery (7 Ah)



Battery (18 Ah)


Case configurator

KeyPad TouchScreen

ajax 2023

In 2023, we released KeyPad TouchScreen — a device that changed the way users think about security keypads. This battery-operated keypad with 5″ IPS display offers a mobile Ajax app-like interface. The device supports authentication with smartphones, Pass, Tag, and codes. It features auto-wake, built-in buzzer, black and white themes, and automatic brightness adjustment.

Experience the perfect fusion of security control and automation devices management with KeyPad TouchScreen

KeyPad TouchScreen is available both in wired and wireless versions. The wired model, named KeyPad TouchScreen Fibra, has minimal power consumption. The wireless version, known as KeyPad TouchScreen Jeweller, ensures a year and a half of autonomous operation. Also, two power options are available to choose from: battery or external power.

Key features

5″ IPS display with 480 × 854 px resolution and 30,000 hours of a backup lifetime

Authentication via smartphone due to BLE support

Authentication with secured cards Pass and Tag key fobs

Sound notifications about delays, door openings, and alarms

Personal access codes with guessing protection

Duress code

Easy security group management

Separate tab for automation control: up to 6 devices or groups on one screen

Three buttons: panic, fire, auxiliary

Over-the-air software updates (for the wireless version only with connection to the external power supply)

Fire detection

ajax 2023

Ajax has introduced a groundbreaking addition to its residential fire safety products with FireProtect 2 AC detectors. These mains-powered detectors address the specific regulations in the UK, Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, Australia, and the United States.

FireProtect 2 AC (Heat/Smoke/CO)

Wireless mains-powered fire detector with heat, smoke, and CO sensors

FireProtect 2 AC (Heat/Smoke)

Wireless mains-powered fire detector with heat and smoke sensors

FireProtect 2 AC (Heat/CO)

Wireless mains-powered fire detector with heat and CO sensors

FireProtect 2 AC (Heat)

Wireless mains-powered fire detector with heat sensor

FireProtect 2 AC (CO)

Wireless mains-powered fire detector with CO sensor

The AC detectors maintain real-time detection, in-app notifications, remote configuration, and a self-test system. The unique smoke chamber does not require regular cleaning, and sophisticated software minimizes false alarms. The dual-spectrum sensor instantly distinguishes smoke from steam, and two thermistors quickly react to the synthetic materials’ burning. The carbon monoxide sensor alarms before the concentration level becomes threatening. Everything meets the latest fire safety standards. With five models with a 10-year lifespan, encrypted radio communication, and an 85-decibel siren, these AC detectors promise enhanced safety and efficiency.

Key features

Dual-spectrum optical sensor paired with the HazeFlow 2 software algorithm

Patented dustproof smoke chamber, does not require regular clean-ups

Two A1R-class thermistors outside the enclosure to eliminate detection delays

Warns when the CO concentration reaches the dangerous level of 50 ppm

Powered by 110–240 V~ mains and has a sealed battery to serve as a backup

Built-in 85 dB siren with different patterns to indicate an alarm or event

Removable WAGO 221 connectors to secure the wires without a screwdriver

Operates autonomously or as a part of an Ajax system

ajax 2023
SmartBracket — improved mounting panel with WAGO 221 connectors and adjustable rotation angle

Also, Ajax Systems designed a fallback interconnect. It is a backup to the primary one via the hub. With this feature, fire detectors just like the hub are able to listen to the encrypted radio channel. The interconnected fire alarm activates within a minute. Built-in sirens of fire detectors synchronously notify of a fire even in the worst-case scenario of losing connection with the hub. So there is no chance of missing a fire alarm.

Additionally, Ajax Systems has introduced ManualCallPoint Jeweller — a wall-mounted wireless button for manual fire alarm and scenarios activation.

ManualCallPoint (Red) Jeweller

ManualCallPoint (Blue) Jeweller

Wireless wall-mounted button for manual fire alarm activation

Wireless resettable button featuring programmable scenarios

ajax 2023

ManualCallPoint Jeweller allows users to run pre-programmed automation scenarios with a simple press. The button can open electric locks, cut power to devices, and activate ventilation. In Fire Alarm mode, it triggers fire alarms and security sirens. Addressability ensures accurate tracking of button activations, specifying the time and room. Notifications are promptly sent to system users and CMS.

Key features

Fire detectors’ sirens activation when pressing the button

Resilient button mechanism with minimum agile components

Automation scenarios

Informative in-app notifications

Up to 1,700 m range of communication with an Ajax hub

Up to 7 years of battery life

Alarm delivery to CMS

Compliance EN 54-11:2001/A1:2005 for ManualCallPoint (Red) Jeweller

Transparent front lid to prevent accidental alarm activation

SmartBracket mounting panel featuring tamper alarm and lock for securing the device

Outlet Jeweller

ajax 2023

Outlet Jeweller has become a powerful addition to the Ajax ecosystem. It is a smart built-in outlet featuring electricity consumption monitoring. It expands the scope of Ajax devices for system automation and reduces the number of routine actions. Outlet’s capabilities are best revealed in automation scenarios. For example, the system can automatically turn on outlets according to the schedule or turn off all outlets when arming the premises or in case of a fire alarm.

The device features a grounding contact to prevent electric shock and overheating protection to reduce the risk of fires. For instance, if the temperature exceeds +95 °C, the outlet will automatically turn off and send a notification to the app.

If needed, configure the LED indication to turn on when power is supplied to the connected smart outlet. As soon as the connected appliance starts consuming electricity, the Outlet LEDs change color depending on the load level in real time. It helps to define the most power-consuming devices.

Key features

LED indication for the current load

Automation scenarios to turn connected devices on and off

Frames to install several outlets and light switches side by side

Auto switch off timer from 10 seconds to 2 hours

Safety shutters to protect children

Control via smartphone and power consumption monitoring

Protection against voltage surges and overheating

Informative in-app notifications and event log

Outlets can be used with LightSwitch smart switches. These devices have the same frame design and color shades and can be installed into Frame. Additionally, we have introduced a specialized switches and outlets configurator. This tool enables the creation of personalized device sets by combining switches and outlets in frames.

12–24V PSU

12–24V PSU for Hub 2/Hub 2 Plus/ReX 2 is an alternative power supply unit. It allows connecting the hub or radio signal range extender to a low-voltage power supply or using a backup power supply.

The main difference between the new 12–24V PSU and the previous version is compatibility with the Hub 2 Plus control panel and the ability to work with an input voltage of 24 V⎓. This significantly expands the capabilities of security and installation companies because this product is crucial for locations without stable electricity or vehicles. Ajax can now protect trucks and vans with their cabs and cargo beds from intruders.

Ajax SIM

ajax 2023

This year, our company introduced the Ajax SIM service, offering reliable signal transmission with a pre-installed SIM card in the hub. The hub automatically selects the optimal cellular network without any personal data collection or spyware, making Ajax SIM a game-changer for users. Also, it provides partners with a consistent monthly revenue stream. Initially launched in the US and Canada, the rollout will soon expand to the UK, Nordic countries, and Australia.

Ajax Ready

ajax 2023

In 2023, Ajax Systems is embarking on a new direction with Ajax Ready products. These are third-party devices and systems that are either designed using Ajax technologies or integrated with an Ajax device. These products are controlled through Ajax apps and enhance the functionalities of Ajax devices. They are mass-produced and commercially available. Each Ajax partner can present their technical solution to showcase its innovation and drive business success.

👉 Learn more about all the Ajax Ready products

Software evolution

The R&D team delivered a greater whole in 2023, keeping Ajax software up to date: 52+ updates for Ajax apps, 22 — for Ajax Cloud, and 17 for OS Malevich. Now it’s even better, faster, and, of course, simply practical on the user side.

The Ajax cloud infrastructure now features a Video Management System (VMS) to manage and control video products. It also hosts Space — a new virtual entity that shifts the Ajax system from a hub-centric paradigm to cloud-based security and automation. Space combines intrusion protection, CCTV, fire detection, water leak prevention, and automation for the easiest way to manage everything in one place. Users still have all the familiar controls and features designed for the best experience. The transformation from a hub-centric experience to Space is seamless and does not change the familiar UI for users. All remains the same: control tab, rooms, and quick access to automation devices.

ajax 2023

Ajax also continues to expand its market presence, integrating with 12 monitoring software this year. This kind of partnership provides optimized monitoring management and efficient service by a third-party CMS. The direct connection with CMS using SIA DC-09 (ADM-CID) has improved: hubs can connect to different ports or even addresses via different communication channels. In case of connection loss, CMS understands which channel is disconnected and sends a corresponding event to the CMS operator.

While a secured and stable connection with CMS is a priority, Ajax Systems developed Cloud Signaling to reduce additional load on the partner’s infrastructure. A service provides communication between Ajax systems and third-party monitoring software, processes all the data on Ajax Cloud, and sends it directly to the CMS receiver. There is no need to install extra utility programs. The feature is available with PRO Desktop 3.8.

Another great integration opportunity comes with the KeyArm Zone input type. It enables external management of arming modes by third-party control devices: access controllers, mechanical key switches, push-button switches, radio controllers, telephone relays, and more. Third-party devices traditionally integrate into the system via wired and wireless versions of Transmitter and MultiTransmitter modules, and the KeyArm feature is configured in Ajax apps.

Ajax Systems continues to overcome all the limitations of traditional security systems. This year, Rapid Response Unit (RRU) codes were introduced. The security company can configure an access code for the rapid response unit in advance to quickly enter and inspect the facility after receiving an alarm — no more delays while obtaining the security code from owners. The RRU code can only be used under certain conditions: after an alarm, it should be entered within the specified time frame in the settings. The rest of the time, the code is inactive and cannot be used to access the facility.

ajax 2023

After a major redesign of Ajax apps, the product design team continues to sharpen the user experience. Recent improvements cover an essential component of system operation — technical maintenance on the Ajax Cloud server. Now, Ajax apps notify all users about ongoing server maintenance, and PRO users receive the notice in advance to schedule potential limitations of apps operation during this time.


The year 2023 stands out with a record number of awards, the highest in the company’s history. We value these accolades as they signify recognition not only within the PRO community but also from experts worldwide, spanning from the United States to Australia.

Security & Fire Excellence Awards 2023

ajax 2023

Days after the outbreak of a full-scale war, Ajax Systems launched the Air Alert mobile app, which notifies users of five types of threats: air alert, artillery fire, street fighting, and chemical or radiation hazards. The app has over 24 million downloads and has become a reliable life-saving tool for people in Ukraine.

GIT Security Award 2024

ajax 2023

The GIT Security Award is an annual reader’s choice award presented by Wiley-VCH Publishing. Readers and users of their various magazines, alongside other market participants from across the globe, use online voting to select products that provide the most significant innovation, the best use, and the strongest unique selling proposition. FireProtect 2 by Ajax Systems, a wireless fire detector with heat, smoke, and CO sensors, has won the GIT Security Award 2024.

PSI Premier Awards 2023

ajax 2023

The annual PSI Premier Awards, organized by Professional Security Installer (PSI) Magazine, aim to celebrate excellence and innovation within the security industry. Ajax Academy project has been recognized with the prestigious PSI Premier Awards for Manufacturer Training Programme of the Year. Readers’ Choice Awards

ajax 2023

Ajax Systems secured dual wins at the Readers’ Choice Awards, marking its debut in the US security community. These awards recognize the most impactful products introduced in the physical security industry over the past year in 15 different categories.

Australian Security Industry Awards 2023

ajax 2023

The annual Australian Security Industry Awards, organized by ASIAL (Australian Security Industry Association Limited), celebrates the companies and products that make exceptional contributions to safety and security in Australia.


In 2023, the team concentrated on enhancing business automation and logistics departments, specifically addressing the complex challenges of procuring goods and navigating Ukrainian border restrictions and global component crises.

A significant milestone in our journey was the opening of a new facility in Kyiv, equipped with additional production lines. It will allow us to test devices before mass production faster than before.

Our commitment to growth extends to the expansion of our R&D team in various domains. Specifically, we established a dedicated AI team to enhance our expertise in the promising field of AI-driven technology.

Enhancing Ukrainian technical education and supporting young engineers are constant priorities for us. This year, Ajax Systems strengthened its commitment through internships in Embedded Systems and Java programming. We have already integrated top talents from these internships into our R&D team, demonstrating our dedication to empowering the Ukrainian engineering workforce.

As a result, today we proudly stand as one of Ukraine’s largest R&D, measured by the size of our workforce. We invite you to consider job opportunities at Ajax Systems.

ajax 2023

Resistance and contribution

In the face of the challenges confronting Ukraine, we refuse to remain on the sidelines. Our commitment to social responsibility extends to ensuring the safety of people through various means. The resistance is evident in actions that range from alerting individuals to danger, actively participating in fundraising initiatives, and protecting Ukrainian shelters and schools.

Air Alert app

ajax 2023

Our Air Alert app has become a part of everyday life for Ukrainians, seamlessly integrated into their routines. Despite its familiarity, it continues to save lives and aid those with goodwill: 26+ million downloads, 6+ million active users, and 7+ billion push notifications.

Mark Hamill, known as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, has voiced the English version of the Air Alert app. His involvement helped raise $263,000 for purchasing RQ-35 Heidrun drones on the UNITED24 platform.

The app now collaborates with UNITED24 and ambassador Timothy Snyder for the Safe Skies air target detection system. The first round of fundraising with Timothy Snyder raised $950,000, and we’re now launching the second round.

Protecting Banksy’s works

ajax 2023

Banksy came to Ukraine to depict the harsh reality of war, drawing global attention to the appalling invasion. He created seven artworks that stand as a historical and cultural legacy of the war.

In December 2022, an attempt was made to steal one of the paintings. Then the project was initiated. Four Banksy artworks were protected by the Ajax wireless security system, which garnered attention through 170 publications, 94 of which were international. The initiative was developed together with the Kyiv regional military administration and local authorities. The company’s mission, driven by the initiative to save artworks as world heritage, also aimed to maintain the momentum of providing one more reason to pay attention for a full-scale invasion.

Schools and shelters

ajax 2023

Ajax Systems, as a responsible Ukrainian business, actively contributes to enhancing safety. We have started two Ukrainian projects this year, securing 433 schools in Kyiv and protecting and automating access to over 1,000 shelters across Ukraine, with plans for further expansion in 2024. As a reliable partner for government authorities, we consistently offer assistance and support in crucial security initiatives, ensuring dependable protection for both property and individuals.

New horizons ahead

ajax 2023

We have always encapsulated our disruptive approach in the motto “When Security Is Art”. Revolutionizing the security industry was a hell of a ride. But every revolution has its end. As we broadened our scope to offer more than just advanced security, a new guiding principle emerged.

Our new aim is to conquer every relevant domain and empower our customers to rule over these domains. We strive to be the ultimate solution for the question: “How can I rule my facility and be in control from anywhere, anytime?”

Therefore, we are introducing Ajax Systems new motto: “Rule Your Space”. Our commitment remains steadfast: to empower individuals with absolute control over their environments, ensuring the highest levels of security, convenience, and freedom within their spaces.